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    well kinda, it gets me to work and gets me pumped!
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    :salam2: i've been looking through youtube for islamic songs/nasheeds... i found that the group Outlandish has a song called Any Given Time that is a very nice reminder that Allah is always with close to us no matter where we are. But here's the thing, the song has many instruments playing...
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    Prayer in the Morning and Afternoon!

    no i can't, i'm in an all american school and there isn't anywhere to pray and they don't give us time to do it! i'm still confused on whether i should pray it early or not???
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    Prayer in the Morning and Afternoon!

    :salam2: brothers & sisters; i have a question about praying... the fajir prayer is getting later in the morning and i have to leave to school early, right now it's like at 6:30 and i leave to school around mom told me i could pray before that time until the daylight saving thing...
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    :salam2: brothers and sisters i live in the united states....the 2 masjids in my area are not agreeing when the eid is!!! one answering machine says the 13th and the other says the 12th!!! i don't know what to! what should i do?? the state is ohio... jazakumallahu kheir :wasalam:
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    Mosques in Russia

    very pretty
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    Isra'a and Miraj??

    :salam2: what's the arabic date for Isra'a and miraj? is it thursday or friday? jazakumallahu kheir :wasalam:
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    70 Major Sins

    alsslamualykum jazakallahu kheiran for the information wasslamualykum
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    Lets Count To A Million :)

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    She fills his heart with joy

    alsslamualykum beautiful beautiful beautiful, i enjoyed reading this post... jazakum allahu kheiran wasslamualykum
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    Here is no excuse why you couldn´t pray

    masha'allah....very nice jazakiallahu kheiran sister wasslam
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    Prayer Times??!!

    :salam2: I've been using islamicfinder website to know when to pray, but when i googled the phrase "prayer times," a link told me that that website is not trusted with prayer times because it had many errors in the past. i looked for the closest masjid's website prayer times and it was exactly...
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    I just took the Shahadah

    mash'allah, alhamdulilah, subhan'allah, la ilaha ila lah subhanaho wata'ala... congrats brother (MABROUK!!!) i pray that allah will protect you from any danger and sin and keep you safe and on the right path. i'm not joking but as soon as i saw the title of the post i couldn't wait to open it...
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    Sadaqah Jariyah

    assalamualaikum sister jazakiallahu kheiran, i heard of sadaqah jariyah before but i never knew what it really was until now. wasslamualykum
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    10 Causes That Remove Punishment

    jazakallhu kheir, but i don't really get #8, any help? what exactly is al-Barzakh and what happens in it?
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    is it ok?

    :salam2: is it ok to have your picture on ur profile? I created a profile today in another website and i added my picture just so my old friends could identify me. My friends are the only ones that can view my profile, but my picture will be shown if you look for my last name. So, are we not...
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    The Gates of Paradise

    alsslamualykum, great reminders, jazakallah kheir. wasslamualykum
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    alsslamualykum; that made my day, very funny!! jazakiallhu kheir for sharing!! wasslamualykum
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    The deception of majid al aqsa!!!

    alsslamualykum; Subhan Allah swt, i never knew that. The only masjid they show on the news here is the Dome of the Rock. Jazak Allahu kheir for informing & correcting us. wasslamualykum
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    A young Girl (a must read!!!)

    alsslamualykum interesting story, may Allah swt protect all of us, ameen. wasslamualykum