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  1. haya1

    Humble request to daughters of Hawa

    jazak Allah kher sis :) please inbox me your skype id.. i will be waiting.
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    Humble request to daughters of Hawa

    dear sister i need to practice english speaking. do you agree?
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    Humble request to daughters of Hawa

    Asslamualikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu dearest ukhtis, I am going to give english speaking test i need to practice speaking. i need to talk to native english speaker sis. I need your help. we can discuss islamic topics it will increase our knowledge will also improve my english...
  4. haya1

    Need your prayers ;(

    @"uniqueskates" brother thank you so much for your advice and prayers.. :) and thank you for remembering me in your prayers brothers.. really i am feeling better and more strong now jazakAllah khyran @sis"afrarzk" my dear sis thank you so much for your nice words.. really matters for me.. thank...
  5. haya1

    Need your prayers ;(

    Asslamualikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu sisters and brother, please pray for me as i am undergoing severe distress..:( i am sorry i can't explain the problem but please for once pray for me that may Allah SWT show me the right path and may i stick to it till my death... may He solve my...
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    Which Sister Is More Pious/Virtuous.?

    Asslamualikum wa rehmatulahy wa barakatohu i will go for "C" because she knows that hijab is important and she is willing to wear it but just because of the society where she lives cant wear it.. so i think from all these cases in which all are born in muslim families.. she is best:)
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    Beautiful Islamic wallpapers.

    jazakAllah khyr dear sis..:) may Allah SWT reward you
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    Beautiful Islamic Wallpapers.

    very nice dear sis jazakAllah khyr:)
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    New pictures I drawed

    brother very nice calligraphy.. keep doing it may Allah reward you :)
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    Beautiful Islamic Wallpapers.

    jazak Allah khairan sis "queenislam" for such a nice threads i like your wallpapers..:)
  11. haya1

    Game: Islamic words

    Rasul,(Prophet sent by Allah SWT) next letter=L
  12. haya1

    Exposing The Sins of Your Fellow Muslim

    jazak Allah khair for sharing such a nice information MashaaAllah
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    Punctuality in the Asr and Fajr Prayers

    Asslamualikum warehmatulah e wabarakatuhu dear sis"afrarzk" thanks for sharing such a nice information in such a nice way.. i knew this information but didn't know this hadees.. now i will pray on time so that angels tell Allah SWT that i was praying when they come and when they leave:)
  14. haya1

    My story! (Please note this is not a conversion story)

    asslamualikum wrwb my dear sister i don't have words i really don't know what to say, your story made me cry sis and i salute you, your patience sis, and may Allah SWT raise your ranks in jannah for being so patient, and not losing hope.. may Allah SWT reaward you, your MOTHER and your whole...
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    waslaam dear brother thank you so much i have learnt alot from your post.. brother i have a question you said "take the example of the four greatest women ever in the eyes of Allah and be ambitious(in a halal way ) and reach their status.." couldn;t understand halal way why you said can you...
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    :salam2: @theauthenticbase brother thank you so much you helped me :) @astranger thank you sis i am trying to live my life according to Allah and His beloved messenger's message:)
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    i will be waiting for your replies :)
  18. haya1

    A help for a short film about Muslims in Burma !

    Mashaa Allah sister may Allah bless you with His endless blessings.. and may He give all of us the same potential to help the muslims..:) jazak Allah khairan
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    :salam2: i congrats to turn to islam team for changings in the website.. it is more beautiful now jazak Allah khairan :blackhijab: ramadan mubarak to all plz pray for me :blackhijab: first of all please tell me what can i do for the improvement of website? secondly i want to ask a strange...
  20. haya1

    Your Future Husband/Wife

    ]:salam2: i pray that my husband be a good Muslim have good manners and love me. i pray that he loves my nature my internal beauty rather than my external beauty. i request to all sisters and brothers please pray for me. :salam2:[/SIZE]