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    Muslim Names Game

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    124-year old Muslim woman refuses to take off her hijab, mashaaAllah!

    Alhamdulillah... May Allah grant her Jannah Al-Firdous.. Ameen
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    Best Food In The

    WOOOOOOW!!!! thats something
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    i am Old man...but new to this forum

    Salam Alekum Welcome to TTI brother everyone is welcome on TTI young or old MashAllah
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    New member

    Salam Alekum brother Welcome to TTI and I hope u benefit from TTI InshAllah
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    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah!

    Salam Alekum sister Welcome to TTI :) Hope u benefit from TTI InshAllah :) Take care
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    A Friend or Enemy?

    Salam Alekum Mashallah very good poem.... May Allah make us among of the righteous ummah and keep the shaytan away from us... ameeen bithniallah
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    hi :)

    Salam Alekum Welcome to TTI :) May Allah reword u in this world and the hereafter and grant u Janah Al Firdous.... Ameen InshAllah if u have any questions ask us and we will do our best to give u the answers :)
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    Best Food In The

    Ohhhhhh noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! :) thats sooo nasty food to eat... I dont eat this kind of food... I am a very very picky eater...... I will never eat food lyk that...... lolz that food is not a waist... u can make it for tiny bit and eat it :D am sure for u it will taste yummy in ur tummy :D...
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    islamic quotes

    "Everyone who is taken by death asks for more time, while everyone who is still has time makes excuses for procrastination." ---- Ali ibn Abi Talib
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    Fantastic word game

    Pray to Allah and always ask for forgiveness and ask for the highest heaven Janah Al Firdous :)
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    islamic quotes

    I will share this "Bearing witness to tawheed opens the door of good and repentance from sins closes the door of evil." ---- Ibn Taymiyyah
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    islamic quotes

    Walekum Salam... MashAllah thats nice quote... A very good reminder quote
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    Best Food In The

    Ohhh Myyyy..... When I saw the title I sooo happy to see chek it out so i could make some... lolz i guess not.... lolz thats really really nasty dish.... Hahaah... :) Did u try it for urself yet??? lolz i bet u ate and u dnt wanna say it :D
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    Fantastic word game

    Salam Alekum Ikhlaas, doing an action purely for the sake of Allah :)
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    Let's say "Islam is the truth!" in different languages

    MashAllah Its nice to see in all different languages :) Am starting to learn Korean but I dont know how to say it in Korean yet
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    Sallam From Kansas

    Walekum Salam Welcome to TTI :) Ameen 2 ur duaa
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    Praying at Work

    Salam Alekum sis Tabassum07 since u work at Uni.. Why dont u ask any Muslim sisters that goes there for a place to pray.. Maybe they have a place for Muslims to pray.. Ask around :) Alhamdulillah our university have a place for the Muslims to pray and they bulit a wudu area for the brothers...
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    Muslim Names Game

    Hajar Next letter R
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    How long do you sleep?

    Salam Alekum nice thread MashAllah :) I usually sleep late cuz i take class during the night... but then i sleep 8 to 9 hours of sleep.... I try to wake up early so i can finish my work.. lolz but i find it hard cuz sleeping is sweet lyk candy :D