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  1. safaa_marwa


    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM WR WB WELCOME TO TTI brother. aap ko yahan dekar kushi howi :)
  2. safaa_marwa

    Longing Hope

    Mashallah nice poem. jazakallah khair
  3. safaa_marwa

    the waves

    jazakallah khair sis
  4. safaa_marwa

    Who's Valentine??

    Assalam alaikum Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Celebrating Valentine's is what Non-Muslims do, Shaytaan is present between the intimate two, So Remember O Muslims, This day is Haraam for YOU.. # BEFORE CELEBRATING VALENTINES DAY REMEMBER JUDGEMENT DAY. wasalaaam
  5. safaa_marwa

    New 12 year old sister.

    Assala alaikum little sis. how r u? i hope u r fine. you are from pakistan.mashallah. i am from Afghanistan.lekin mujeh urdu bhi aathi hai. :)
  6. safaa_marwa

    I am new here

    :salam2: :SMILY206: :muslim_child:
  7. safaa_marwa

    Where does everyone come from?

    Assalam alaikum i born in iran.i am from Afghanistan.and i live in kuwait.lekin mujhey urdu/hindi bhi aati hai.:) i like pearl.because my name meaning is pearl.:)
  8. safaa_marwa

    Green Name

    LOL bro. my favourite colour is Green.
  9. safaa_marwa

    Assalamu alaykum muslims

    no problem bro :)
  10. safaa_marwa

    Life as they know it!

    Assalam alaikum Jazakallah khair. May Allah s.w.t. help, protect and guide all muslims (Ameen)
  11. safaa_marwa

    Ya Rabb

    Ya Rabb….. I hope for your Mercy, Ya Rabb, while the whole world is asleep I knock on Your door with heart so humble, my eyes thus weep Hands raised high…..head bowed so low….. before You I kneel I open my heart to you, I bewail my sorrows…..all what I feel...
  12. safaa_marwa

    DUA - Very Important

    Asalam alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. It is said that when the angel of death is taking the rooh (soul) out of the body whom passes away.... it is a painful experience. They say that when the dead awake on Qayaamat, the effect of the rooh being taken out will still be there...
  13. safaa_marwa

    Assalamu alaykum muslims

    thank you for explain.
  14. safaa_marwa

    Assalamu alaykum muslims

    :salam2: i understand now.خير khairun. you said hayrun. hayrun is wrong spelling. :)
  15. safaa_marwa

    best time to exercise

    jazakallah khair sis.:) i will do.
  16. safaa_marwa

    best time to exercise

    Assalam alaikum When is the best time to exercise for skinny people? details please.
  17. safaa_marwa

    Seven Earths

    lol. sorry bro
  18. safaa_marwa

    Asalaam alikun

    Assalam alaikum bro. Welcome to TTI.
  19. safaa_marwa

    Assalamu alaykum muslims

    in Arabic good means jaeyd. first time i hear hayrun.:girl3: Thank you for telling. :)