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  1. Phoyage

    Trivia Q's 4 Ramadan

    Salam Alykiom, I'm currently volunteering at a Muslim Summer Camp, and was asked to assemble a booklet of Ramadan Trivia Questions that would be suitable for a family to complete together. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me find some suitable questions. JAK Salamualaykum
  2. Phoyage

    Quran Stories 4 Kids

    Thank you!
  3. Phoyage

    Quran Stories 4 Kids

    Salam Alykiom, I'm volunteering for this Islamic school and my job is to prepare stories from the Quran for kids (6-9) Do you have any ideas on what I could do it on, it only has to be a short story, 10-15 minutes Anything you can give me will be appreciated :)
  4. Phoyage

    Free Stuff

    Salam Alykiom, I found this cool website where if you just complete advertisments you get credits, if you save up the credits you get FREE STUFF delivered right to your door. This goes from IPhone's to PSP's to HD Tv's to PS3 slim and many more!!! Just follow this link... Totally Authentic...
  5. Phoyage

    Outrageous comment on the Burka

    Salam Alykiom, You should look at some of the comments!!! So stupid
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    Salam Alykiom, I heard a fatwa saying that at Sulat AlJumaih your not supposed to say amen after the Imam when he is making the dua? It's said that this was only done when the prophet was making any other dua. Can you give me evidence to support either way?
  7. Phoyage

    Shorts allowed?

    Salam Alykiom, Then why did he say Abu Bakr wasn't one of them and I think allow him to wear it. And about the germs and impurity I never really heard a hadith on that. Can you please clear it up!!
  8. Phoyage

    who are they

    Salam Alykiom, Can you get the name in arabic?
  9. Phoyage

    Baby left at Mosque

    Salam Alykiom, I think it is a hoax about Imam Mahdi being here because not all of the signs has been fulfilled. It was like the last time
  10. Phoyage

    shoe thrower tortured....why?

    Salam Alykiom, I totally with all my heart go against this. I feel really sorry for the guy. It isn't like he planned to go and throw his shoes at Bush. But look at it from his point of view. Bush was thinking of demolishing his country even more(not really sure what was happening forgot) and...
  11. Phoyage


    Salam Alykiom, The same thing happens at Salat AlJummah. Thank fully our Imam cleared it up. When I walk into the masjid for Salat Al Jummah and the Athan starts going, some people stand and wait for the Athan to finish and the speech to start before praying there 2 rakat. The Imam said this was...
  12. Phoyage

    ....True or False Game....

    No, Do you read atleast a Juza (chapter) every day?
  13. Phoyage

    Jews and Christain Books...

    Salam, Why them though I'm only talking bout one
  14. Phoyage

    Taraweeh Annoyance

    Salam Alykiom, To your questions I'm not really sure but i also want to add a question. Is it ok to mouth the surats the imam is reading... Since my memorizing of the quran is kinda pitiful ( Pray for me ) whenever he says a surat I know I get kinda excited and start mouthing it after him trying...
  15. Phoyage

    Muslim kids Vs. Cheesy Christians

    Salam Alykiom, The Videos been removed?
  16. Phoyage

    what should i say???

    Salam Beutifally said BrotherInIslam7
  17. Phoyage

    What are your favourite names?

    Salam Alykoim, For boys: Yusuf - Not sure if your allowed in Islam to have a favourite surat but Yusuf(PBUH)'s patience in Surat Yusuf is What made me pick the name Farooq - I like the whole splitting islam and kufer apart idea with Omar Alkhatab (Radeyallah anho) For girls...
  18. Phoyage

    Shorts allowed?

    Salam, What about your pants being to long (under ankles). Back in the day(Prophets(PBUH)Time) people used to only own one piece of clothing that would barely cover the Awrah. So some of the rich people would show off and wore long clothes that would sag on the floor behind them. So the prophet...
  19. Phoyage

    Never laugh at mad people

    Salam Alykiom, I can imagine what it would be like in there situation it isn't nice to make fun of them. And who knows maybe he is better than you. Like is said in Surat Al Hujarat not sure what aya though.
  20. Phoyage

    In need of Duas

    ya rab yeshfeha!