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  1. islam4lyf

    Wedding Bouquets!!!!

    :salam2: i have recently been told that wedding bouquets are haram/makrooh as they are meant to be a symbol of christianity, i personally have never heard of this before and cant seem to find any basis of this. i was hoping that somebody could let me know if they are haram, makrooh, or...
  2. islam4lyf

    islam4lyf i need ur help!!!!!!!!!!!

    :salam2: At your service!! Lol here you go Bro: :wasalam:
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    mishary rashid al afasi nasheeds

    :salam2: Heres the nasheed you were looking for: :wasalam:
  4. islam4lyf

    Zain Bhikha - A is for Allah needed!!!!!!

    :salam2: Heres the nasheed: :wasalam:
  5. islam4lyf

    can you please help me find this

    :salam2: Heres the nasheed your looking for: :wasalam:
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    3 Year Old Child prays like qari AbdulBasit - Must See!

    Allahu akbar!! Mashallah he is soooo sweet bless him!!
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    **all mp3 nasheeds**

    :salam2: Heres the nasheed!! the nasheed is talking about the 5 pillars of islam!! :wasalam:
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    Are you going to perfom Hajj?!

    :salam2: Alhamdulillah im going hajj this year!! :hijabi::tti_sister:been waitin to go for yearsss!! I will make lots of dua for all of you inshallah! May Allah grant all of you to perform Hajj InshaAllah in the years to come!! :wasalam: :hearts::blackhijab::hijabi::tti_sister:
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    :salam2: Heres the nasheed in mp3 format: :wasalam:
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    No Beats Necessary - Open Your Eyes

    :salam2: i have uploaded this nasheed on the folowing link: :wasalam:
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    Jazakhallah for sharing!
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    Jazakallah for sharing!!
  13. islam4lyf

    Asalamualikum warahmatullah!

    :salam2: Welcome to TTI!! :wasalam:
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    Assalamu aleikum

    Assalamu alaikum, Welcome to TTI!!
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    Help on nasheed

    :salam2: Heres the nasheed in mp3 format: :wasalam:
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    Give thinks to allah

    :salam2: Heres the nasheed in mp3 format: :wasalam:
  17. islam4lyf

    Help needed for following nasheeds

    :salam2: Heres 3 of the nasheeds you wanted i havnt got the 4th one: :wasalam:
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    zain bhikha and native deen zamilooni

    :salam2: heres the nasheed in mp3 format: :wasalam:
  19. islam4lyf

    how to attatch mp3s onto a thread?

    :salam2: 1st u need to click on the attachment icon on top of the globe then you click browse ..look for yr anasheed ..u can insert more than 4 at once:biggrin: then u click upload then close the window (as u can see in 2nd photo ) click on attachment again ..and choose insert all ps...
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    :salam2: here the nasheed in mp3 format: :wasalam: