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    name meaning

    I saw in internet that suha means a star and when i went to its detail i got this info its a forgotten star bcoz it makes a binary star with mizar thats anoder star and they both can b seen with a naked eye
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    name meaning

    Asalaam o alaikum Can any one pls tell me is it good to keep a baby name "suha''.as it means "name of a star"..i searched for it in detail and i found suha is a neglected or forgotten star.... please some help.......
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    no im asking for ma niece...thanku you for help
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    jazakALLAh for taking out time n sharing a lot of names......but iv already checked dem all dt every one has suggested me.......some other names diff one with good meaning plssssss
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    ASAlaam o alaikum pls suggest me some baby girl names from quran with letter s
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    Hi im new on here

    reply welkome to TTI
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    A Catholic Christian, converts to Islam after viewing this video

    reply JazakALLAH for sharing the video and good to hear that some one reverted to islam. but i want to make some correction here.No doubts that gender of baby depends on male but the video showed the quranic verses r like this"45. That He did create the pairs male and female. 46. From a...
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    reply mashaALLAH subhanALLAH sister
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    bear, lion and pig meets....

    reply good one brother
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    Islamic Quizz

    1. How many other sons did Prophet Ya'qub have in addition to Prophet Yusuf? a) 5 b)7 c)11 2. How many Asma-Al-husna are mentioned in the last two verses of Sura Al-Hashr? a)17b)15 c)10 3. After they disobeyed Prophet Hud, they were distroyed by a fierce wind which Allah caused to blow...
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    Levels of Hell

    "To all are degrees or ranks according to their deeds." [an-An'am, 6: 132] "Is the man who follows the good pleasure of Allah like the one who draws upon himself the wrath of Allah and whose abode is in Hell - an evil refuge? They are varying grades in the sight of Allah, and Allah sees well...
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    the names of hell fire

    Jahannam: "Truly Jahannam (the Hellfire) is lying in wait." [an-Naba, 78: 21] Latha: "By no means! For it is Latha (the fire of Hell) burning away right to the skull." [Ma'arij, 70: 15-16] Al-Hutamah: (Crusher which Smashes or Breaks to Pieces): "By no means! He will certainly be...
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    reply mashaALLAH
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    Wake up for Fajr Salaah

    reply walaikum salaam brother, First of all i never said that its a true story and secondly i personally believe some stories are just meant to deliver a message instead of not being real.In this story the simple message was that what ever the circumstances...
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    Wake up for Fajr Salaah

    A man woke up early in the morning in order to perform the Fajr Prayer. He got dressed, made his ablution and was on his way to the Masjid. On his way to the Masjid, the man fell down and his clothes got dirty. He got up, brushed himself off, and headed home. He changed his clothes, made his...
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    Prophet Mohammad's pbuh house

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    A Wise Young Muslim Boy

    jazaak Allah khair subhanALLAH
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    Funny poem by husband and wife!

    reply i wuld surely love to show dis to bhabhi brother.lolz