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    5 Pros Of Getting Married Early

    I think if one is earning and matured enough than thr is no point in delaying a marriage.Lets be fair whats the point stayin single on your own and wasting your peak age(20-30) and if you are working out of native town its so hectic and at times difficult to stay away from fitnah specially when...
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    tips for a revert?

    Asalamalykum brother I would advise you to go on masjid on weekend and try to discuss with some brothers..btw wer u frm england?
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    What is your all time favourite video... POST HERE

    :salam2: Ghuraba :The strangers by Khalid Yasin
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    Maula by Ali Haider

    Its not something good to listen too
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    Last moments of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W!

    SubhanAllah have seen this clip so many times this Shiekh is amazing he explain it so well may Allah preserve Shiekh Anwar Al Awlaki
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    Video Salam alaykum/my reversion story

    :salam2: Seems like i heard this story before haha
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    Sister Aminah Assilmi passed away

    :salam2: From Allah we Come and to Allah we Return MashAllah she was very gud muslimah a role model for everyone and I have read so many revert stories but i found her story one of the best and al the harship she went through for Islam and den later how her whole family accepted Islam
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    White Muslims

    :salam2: @sister shy hijabi I have read all you have said I totally agree with you that Asians are sick when its come to there culture and most asians dont follow true teaching of Islam they follow what thr culture say or there asian Imam say....I honestly hate this even being from asian...
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    Sabr or Shukr - The Worry Stops Here!

    :salam2: MashAllah an eye opening Khutbah.........JazakhAllah for sharing
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    Who to Trust???

    :salam2: Stay away from Hamza Yusuf he got some strange sufi belief's and most ulema guide to not listen to him and Allah Knows best
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    need sum serious help i dunno what to do

    :salam2: Brother everyone one of us go through hardship trial tribulation cos paradise is very expensive its not that cheap that we have can fun easy life widout problems here in this world and also get paradise......See how companion of prophet saw gave everything for Islam how much they...
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    Why Muslims are Weak Today

    :salam2: We are weak becuase we have adopted secularism democracy etc instead of shariah
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    Why Are You Still Single?

    Originally Posted by Wigan_Guy_84 some idiot called me fake because i dont listen to people like - Abu Qatada al-Filistini - Anjem Choudary - Abu Hamza al-Masri and Osama Bin Laden, a guy said that they speak the truth which i think is aload of crap! how am i a fake if i dont follow Bin...
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    Feeling deppressed

    :salam2: Assalamu 'Alaikum, Just i am posting a thread...even i don't know why i am because it's no use, but lately i am feeling very depressed. I don't want to do anything, and I don't want to go anywhere. Even family and friends ask me what i want to do or if i want to go to college and i...
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    Thought Provoking Quotes

    :salam2: I have Given Three Divorce to this Duniya : Ali Ra I would prefer to spend a night in the path of Allah jihad fesabillah instead of first sleep with my wife :Khalid Bin Waleed Ra We are the People who drank blood and we hear that the best taste of blood is of roman that is why we...
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    feeling fed up

    I totally agree with sister that worshipping and followin your deen sometime is better here compared to muslim countries or wer muslim have big population like india frm wer i come considering the fact that there are so called muslim countries who banned hijab in school or countries like dubai...
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    feeling fed up

    No doubt its jihad here to follow your deen ..... I know so many revert brothers and sister in my area when i see thr position sometime it break my heart that how much they are goin thru for their religion and some how make me feel that i should learn from them......I see my frnd his everyday is...
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    feeling fed up

    :salam2: I sometime feel the same cos i came from islamic enviornment in india wer thr was 3 mosques in three direction to my home but Allahamdullilah my deen has gone so strong since i came here and i understand and realise the importance of my religion and how imp role it play when you are...
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    Any Revert Sikh or Hindus

    :salam2: @sis Zrk If you say i will talk to my hindu revert frnds they are so pious and dead religious and i think they can help you to get out of this situation
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    Weird Muslims 2 (Pilgrimage for old ppl???)

    :salam2: That kind of asian culture they are like tht Wil do hajj wen m old afta 60 or they say wil marry wen study wil over wil get nice job and buy house than il marry its sick and weird(M being a asian muslim lol)