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    A Bomb in Jakarta Business District

    Assalamualaikum wr.wb. A bomb exploded earlier this morning (Indonesia time), at the lobby of JW Marriot Jakarta. Four people (tentative numbers) are reported dead. One of them is a New Zealander. No particular person or organization claim responsibility on the bombing.
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    Be careful with your words

    Alamdulillahirrabilalamin It's a perfect reminder for me sister. InsyaAllah Allah will protect those who remind his brother/sister on the way to approach Allah as well as those who are willing to take the good advice. Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
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    Help Promote Islam

    I'm not really sure on what kind of participation that I can contribute. I do not even live in the US, but I did leave a comment on next week topic. Hope that might help. Hopefully Allah will consider this deed of ours on the latter day of the judgement. Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin...
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    Just curious

    Ps: Just switch too apple so I'm not familiar with the commands yet. I was pushing a button, before i know it it enter my unfinished post previously. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, the 3rd one is practicing it trough your 24/7 deeds. We can of course pronounce our faith, however what lies...
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    Just curious

    Assalamualaikum wr.wb. Well since there are 3 aspects of faith realization (Belief it in your heart, Verbally pronounce it and, trough
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    Islamic Questions Game - Trivia.

    Actually it was Dhul Qarnain re-read Surah 18: 89-98 Where is the question ya fatima? What is the thing that Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned as the cure for all illness but growing old?
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    how u slove your problems?

    Assalamualaikum wr.wb I couldn't agree more. Problems/trials is Allah way to humble us in front of Him and also purify us. What I usually do when I have a problem, is wondering how did the Prophet (PBUH) solve or behave toward this problem. Sadly I am not a religious scholar who memorized...
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    Muslim Names Game

    Mine will be.... Mina
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    Islamic Questions Game - Trivia.

    Assalamualaikum wr.wb. I know this one, I know this one, He took 70 of them. "And Musa chose out of his people seventy (of the best) men for Our appointed time and place of meeting.......... (7:155)" There was a great man, to whom Allah bestowed blessings of power and nobility. He...
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    Assalamualaikum wr.wb. tears
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    ....True or False Game....

    false I love the beaches, but deeply disturbed by the "almost" nudity. You like spicy food
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    Tried Egyptian mango and Egyptian Mango Juice. I love mango Lassi sooo much, but The Egyptian Mango Juice are soooooo good!
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    Om Ali recipes

    Assalamualaikum wr.wb. When I was in Egypt I looooooove -Om Ali and the rice pudding- just a little too much. Now that I'm back home. I can't find it here in my home town. Anyone have a recipe that she/he willing to share with me? Terima Kasih-Thank you
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    Wanting to Learn.

    hear's an idea, read and re-read and re-read the translation of Quran (I assume that you master Arabic as much as I do, and that is little:redface:). There are many informations that InsyaAllah "might" motivate you to ask for deeper elaboration. After all Quran is the source of Islamic teaching.
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    I know it's an OLLLLLLD Thread! But I just saw it! And MasyaAllah it really really really really is funny
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    Funny Americans!

    :salam2: Here's my first hand experience of how ill-inform most americans are. I was in the US for nearly 3.5 months for a short training from my company. One day me and my multi cultural friends (from many countries) decided to go to an all u can eat authentic american restaurant. When...
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    A hard choice....

    Assalamualaikum wr.wb. We have to admit that a mother plays a major role in the decision of her children. By considering this, that is why it is important for a female to learn and practice Islam to its fullest. In this case of yours, my advice is to talk about religion point of view to...
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    amazing powerpoint file show hidden truth of the bible

    My bad!! The link does work Though I still recommend for the file to be saved on TTI archived, if it is at all possible. :hijabi:
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    amazing powerpoint file show hidden truth of the bible

    missing link Again.. the link is not working :hijabi: You already got me curious to the very bone ya sister. Do you have the file? Can you ask TTI moderator to kindly save it in this website at the download part? Assalamualaikum wr.wb.