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    veil/hijab debate

    Salam, The hijab is COMPULSARY and NOT RECOMMENDED. The covering of the face is COMMENDABLE and not OBLIGATORY. Let's not ADD and SUBTRACT what is in ISLAM. Then we'll be no BEtTTER than those KUFFR who have gone astray with their man-made beliefs. Ya Allah, please forgive us for our...
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    a question

    Be strong sister... you must cultivate and take care of your faith... don't let it flicker.. don'tlet it be doubtful even when in times of crisis... it takes only five to ten minutes to pray... tops! If you can't pray in the house...., get out of the house.. find a clean spot.. face the...
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    veil/hijab debate

    Alhamdulilah! Whenever I feel challenged... I will always r recite the shahadah and re-afirm my faith... because in the end... these worldly matterx don't matter... it's temporary and it's not worth it....
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    new around here

    Salam! are those dark chocolates?
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    veil/hijab debate

    and one more thing... we are our own Media.. we are Islams media... our actions.. WHY? these people don't read the Quran! They don't know the Sunnah! We are their link... Our actions.. Our reactions... Our faith...
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    video on the pentagon in 9/11

    Salam My beloved brothers and sisterss of Islam.. The best way to deal with anger is through excercising your mentallity (akal) The more people are agalinst us, the more we ALL should do good. The more we should embrace Islam and it's teachings. .h. The Quran and our beloved...
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    ALL QURAN//Recitor AbdulBASET -Mujawwad

    Alhamdulilah... Allah (SWT) has grant some of us with voices t.....
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    video on the pentagon in 9/11

    Salam Have patience my brother... the TRUTH WILL be heard... Allah (SWT)is the All Knower and The BEST of planners... Have no ill-heart or intent towards those that are hdeceived. Instead we should all doa to Allah (SWT) that they will open their hearts to our peaceful and righteous...