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    Islamic worship history

    I have an online aquantience who has visited a mosque and has asked me a few questions about Islam. She asked me about the history of the mosque and the worship therein. Does anyone have any websites or books recommendations for me? The only thing I have found online said the minbar was added...
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    My father is dying

    My father has stomach cancer and tumors have spread into his lungs and other parts of his body. He also has blood clots in his lungs. We have been told death will be soon. Please pray for my father and my family at this time.
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    Dream about Dajjal??

    Yes, be glad in your dream you had the courage to be martyred.
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    Nelson Mandela 1918 - 2013

    The two links given about how to deal with a non-Muslims death make a good point: non Muslims who do a lot of good still have a lot of sin to repent of and also their good deeds are often done out of a sense of pride and selfish reasons instead of doing the good for others. Nelson Mandela did...
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    pray for my father

    Thank you for your kind replies.
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    pray for my father

    Please pray for my father. he was diagnosed with stomach cancer last Monday.
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    Crazy! FBI Fake Sites To Trap and Frame Young Muslims

    My esteemed brother in Islam, please look up Operation Northwoods on Wikipedia. There is a link to a photocopy of the actual document. Basically, when the US was duking it out with the USSR over which economic system would prevail on earth, our (US) highly eseteemed military leadership came up...
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    Serious Mother Declares Her Children Are "the Biggest Regret of Her Life"

    And may Allah reward you. Don't worry I was not afraid you were judging me. I did not mean to come across as jumping over you either.
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    Serious Mother Declares Her Children Are "the Biggest Regret of Her Life"

    I want to add something else. I think more people feel the way of the woman mentioned in the op than will openly admit. I know a woman who cried on her wedding night because she did not want to get married but was told by her mother that she and her father would kick her out of the house for...
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    Serious Mother Declares Her Children Are "the Biggest Regret of Her Life"

    I am almost 40 and never married and had children. I wonder sometimes what it would have been like but not in the sense I fret or worry over it. What is meant for some people is not meant for others. I see so many people, when it comes to pleasing their spouse or in the name of taking care...
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    Is Yahya (p.b.w.h) coming back again?

    What is "poll tax" in context?
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    Question about Arabic grammar in Quran

    Can I get it broken down grammatically as to why the promises to get what you want refer to the afterlife and not now? Thanks.
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    Question about Arabic grammar in Quran

    Greetings Brothers and sisters, I have a question for you. In Surah 41:30-31 when it says you can have "whatever you want"..... "whatever you desire", does the rules Arabic grammar make those phrases modify this world or the hereafter? I believe it probably refers to the hereafter, but...
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    help me with alleged contradiction

    And again I know the Quran says some parts of it are allegorical.
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    help me with alleged contradiction

    In Quran 41 v10-15 it is alleged the heavens and earth were made in 8 days whereas in other parts of the Quran it is said the heavens and earth were made in six days. Can someone help me here?
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    The ex-FBI informant with a change of heart: 'There is no real hunt. It's fixed'

    Police over here in the US do all sorts of immoral things in the name of catching criminals.
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    the New World Order

    I know here in the United States they just passed a law where the military can arrest someone because they are suspected of "terrorism" and hold them indefinately as an enemy combatant. This is in the US itself, not in a foreign country. This is very frightening. I suspect the economy is...
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    the New World Order

    Doesn't it say somewhere in the Holy Quran that before the end people will actually try to change nature itself?
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    Exposing The High Priests of Evolution Excerpt:100 Reasons Why Evolution is So Stupid

    Doesn't the Quran say somewhere that Allah destroys and creates what he wills?