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  1. Sabz42

    what can you read for the deceased

    thanxs everyone jazakullah khair
  2. Sabz42

    non-alcoholic wine

    Salaam, ive never really heard of a non-alcoholic wine so i wudnt know
  3. Sabz42

    A laugh

    lol..gud stuff
  4. Sabz42

    piercings for males?

    Salaam, i dnt think its allowed for males to have any sort of piercing
  5. Sabz42

    what can you read for the deceased

    anyone know anything?
  6. Sabz42


    why cant i c the pics?
  7. Sabz42

    what can you read for the deceased

    :salam2: I wanted to know what is thier that u can read for the deceased person i know thier is the Surah Ya Sin, Quran and 4 kuls, but what else would you recommend to read? can anyone post me any dua's or surah i can read for the deceased for them to have a place in Jannat ameen...
  8. Sabz42

    reward of women in paradise

    Jazakullah khair, thanxs for sharing
  9. Sabz42


    Salaam, i call my mum ami or mama n use to call my dad "daddi" or dad but he passed away a few weeks ago my Allah grant him a place in jannah ameen.
  10. Sabz42

    Invaders in TurnToIslam!

    Salaam, that is really bad people using the name of Allah to scam money out of people.
  11. Sabz42

    So, I Finally Fessed Up

    Salaam.. good news...congrats!
  12. Sabz42


    Salaam, let your cousins say what they want to you them saying it dsnt make you any less clever it just shows how low they can be by putting sum1 else down,be strong and prove them wrong as long as u try hard and if you want to become one you will and ask Allah to guide you in the right...
  13. Sabz42

    I seriously NEED all your DU'AS

    Salaam sis, your daughter will b in my prayers InshAllah, n may Allah give her the strength to go through with the operation..ameen
  14. Sabz42

    The story so far.

    Salaam n welcome to this website.. aww u two sound so cute n innocent. try and find a good Imaam around where you live and sure he would be able to help you or even try the library or the internet and try and research it for yourself.
  15. Sabz42

    Salamu alaikum to all

    wlsm. welcome to tti
  16. Sabz42

    The plight of the People of Hell

    May Allah proctect us from the fire of hell..ameen.
  17. Sabz42


    Jazakallah Khair
  18. Sabz42

    Man Dies in Sajdah!

    Mash'Allah was a beautiful place to die may Allah give him a place in jannah ameen
  19. Sabz42

    What Would Be Your Preference?

    Salaam, mine wud b a mixture of all three if i can find sum1 of my own that wud b fine which i doubt i will, n i know that my mum wud never make the wrong decision for me so i wud b happy with that n if i was introduced that wud b even better. Its easy to pick a number but it actually ever...