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    quizzes About the companions of our prophet Salla Allahu a'layhe wa sallam

    :confused::confused::confused::confused: Jahsh?
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    Assslamau 3aleykum lough....,,,,,
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    Missing Prayers

    ws wr wb sis this is a very good question. as i was thought, you do pray at the moment you remember the one that you forgot. So, if you forgot Asr and Maghrib is there then you pray Asr first and then Maghrib because you can't leave Asr too even though you forgot is still required. Allah knows...
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    My father passed away.

    Assalamu aleykum Innaan illaah wa innaan ileyhi raji'oon May Allah (swt) have mercy on ur dad akhi and grant him Jannatul Firdows Al-A'laa! May Allah give u sabr! ~Salam~
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    I Get The Feeling I am Going To Die!

    Subhanallaah Assalamu aleykum Same thing here. I had the same feelings yesterday! I felt like I was ganna die soon. I tought about wat was changing in my life. I knew that I wasn't reading Quran for a long time since RAmadaan. So I felt like I'm getting more interested in this world and began...
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    Preparing for Death in Islam

    Assalamu aleykum Masha Allah Jazakallaahu kheyr ukhti/akhi this is the best advice! May Allah Reward you the best! Ameen! ~Salam~
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    Akhi's Reminder For All

    Assalamu aleykum Jazakallaahu kheyran for sharing it.
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    A Meeting With ALLAH By Ibn Qayyim...Masha'ALLAH

    :salam2: Masha allah! Jazakallahu kheran for sharing. It's really beutiful and makes you cry for real. Barakallahu fiik. ~wassalamu aleykum~
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    a very nice dua

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    Quiz: Aqeedah/Fiqh (introductory quiz)

    Assalamu Aleykum I ask Allah to help me with this I'll do my best too insha Allah Bismillah: Aqeedah: 11. F 13. T 15. T 17. A 18. A & C Fiqh: 1. F 2. T 3. F 6. B 10. B I skiped some of them cuz I didn't get the question or I didn't no the answer at all...
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    Dont judge too quickly

    Assalamu Aleykum Masha Allah! Is a really nice post. Jazakallahu kheyran for sharing wassalamu aleykum
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    Please dont make fun on them

    Masha allah! Assalamu Aleykum! Mahsha Allah! Jazakallaahu kheyran for reminding us i agree with you wassalamu aleykum
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    Share Islam! No more friends!!!!

    Assalamu Aleykum, Yaa uktii fillaah dont worry we're all your friends and we'll do our best to help eachother in the sake of Allah insha Allah fiddunyaa wal a'akirah. Don't ever feel lonely Allah is here for you and us your Muslim freinds too. I also gaurntee that your not crazy. Most...
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    **AMAZING MUST HEAR** Khaalid Al Jaleel-Surah Ibraahim

    slaam Assalamu Aleykum! Masha Allah! Barakallahu Fiik! May Allah reward u for this! Wassalamu Aleykum!
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    noo I predict the next person...... is sitting on a chair
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    10 differences between men and women

    Salam Assalamu Aleykum jazakallahu kheyr sister Is intersting, I would love it if you tell me where You get those differences from. I mean what website or enywhere else. I'm interested to find out. Assalamu Aleykum
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    Muslim Names Game

    Bismillha Assalamu Aleykum Hamza
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    The Greatest Love Story Ever!

    As Wr Wb Assalamualeykum Masha Allah. the most lovely story I've ever seen. Jazakallahu Kheyran for sharing. Wassalam.
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    Highlighting in the Qur'an(English translation)

    As Wr Wb So my question is: Since it is not considered to be an original Qur'an, can I highlight in it with a highlighter pen? Assalamualeykum I think it's ok as long as you use it for learning. Wassalam
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    I forgot where i stopped at the me ?

    Assalamualeykum Assalamualeykum What AishaHadi said was right, you first get your own kitab that you use it everyday and then everytime you stop reading, get a pencil and mark on the verse that you stoped on it. This is much what I can help. I hope it helps. Wassalamualeykum.