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  1. alf2

    My husband does not come near me

    First, talk to him. Then If that doesn't help i would seek advice from an Islamic marriage counselor. I also feel fat and felt my husband lost all interest with me. Come to find out he didn't even notice and had a lot weighing on his mind.
  2. alf2

    how do I change occupation and such?

    It only took me 2 hours LOL. I love the new layout. Yes its drastically different from how it was but it has so many more features and it feels cozy. I cant imagine the time and effort this took sir Mabsoot! Mashaallah!!
  3. alf2

    has anyone read books by jean sassoon?

    Salaam alaykum all, I dont normally read these types of books but I love reading about life in K.S.A. the book is called "princess" and its basically a woe is me book about an un-named saudi princess who's life is horrible because she's a woman. However, her family drinks alcohol and the men...
  4. alf2

    Assalamualaykum everyone just looking to make some friends :)

    Wa alaykum salaam wa ramatullahi wa barakatu, welcome to this site. I've been here some time now and I must say it has surely increased my knowledge of this deen. Inshaallah it will benefit you, too!
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    Salaam to you. I am a Muslim and Nurse. This site is very informative and friendly. Always remember Islam is perfect however, Muslims are not - we are people and thusly infallible. :)
  6. alf2

    Alhumdulilah Muslim for 6 years!!

    Alhumdulilah Muslim for 6 years!!
  7. alf2

    Working within the UK

    I am American but my husband is English. I've spent much time in the U.K and there are many women in hijab and niqab working. Shops and professional. You see, its illegal to discriminate against religion there.
  8. alf2

    how do I change occupation and such?

    How do I change the info that appears under my name and pic in tbe forums? Also when you click my name a box pops up and says ive been Muslim for 4 years, how do I update that???
  9. alf2

    Serious Allah Will Test You Even in Makkah Or Madinah .So Be Patient And Seek Help.

    This is very sad. We need to have mercy on these people and say alhumdulilah each day we are not plagued with such mental illnesses.
  10. alf2

    Sisters Salam to everyone

    OOOO I thought you said 'from SEO' LOL :)
  11. alf2

    Refreshing Get to know each other

    I'm Amanda from Georgia (USA), and I've been Muslim since 2009. My family are Christians, before Islam I was 100% Atheist.
  12. alf2

    Sisters Salam to everyone

    What is SEO? Seoul?
  13. alf2

    Hello Everyone :)

    Hello Julie, how we came to Islam is very similar. I also got my first taste of Islam from going to England! I've been the only Muslim in a Pentecostal family since 2009, please dont hesitate to private message me :)
  14. alf2

    Sisters Assalaamualikum...

    Wasalaam Yusra, it is nice to have you :)
  15. alf2

    Follow Emily as She Reads Through the Quran! :-)

    Story: Before I came to islam I would listen to Anasheeds (islamic 'music' in arabic, urdu, etc about allah swt, or rasool allah saws) And I heard Al-Fatiah (not knowing it was Qur'an) and it was so beautiful it moved me to tears just hearing it in Arabic :) I told my Islamic friend "Please...
  16. alf2

    Ramadan and Diabetes

    Diabetes is a serious illness and if fasting a diabetic person can go into diabetic coma or die if their blood sugar is uncontrolled. Surely Allah swt will spare these persons from fasting!
  17. alf2

    New meaning for the 14th of February?

    i love it. maybe this will catch on???
  18. alf2

    Crazy! 'No Pants Subway Ride':

    Ive seen this before, its not the first time. They were indeed, pantsless. lmao.
  19. alf2

    Hadith Pick up the food you drop.

    you better believe im dusting that food off... lol Also, a friend of mine is Pakistani and she sweeps food out of walking paths. Like..if we are on the side walk and there is food she will sweep it to the side in the grass or put it in the bin. odd.
  20. alf2

    Thinking of taking the shahada, but I have 2 questions

    Salam alaykum, your questions have been answered. I'm just another revert dropping my support, may allah swt guide you and keep you on the straight path! Ameen :)