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    Who is Your Favorite Qur'anic Reciter?

    Salah Al Budair Salih Al Talib Maahir Hamad Al-Mu'ayqili
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    SubhanAllah beautiful recitation by child

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    Poem - Homeward Bound

    HOMEWARD BOUND Begins this journey without reins, Ends in capture without aims; Now lying in the cell awake, with merriment and smiles all fake: Freedom is spent, time is up - Tears have rent my sorrow's cup; Home is a cage, and cage is steel, Thus manifest realitys unreal. Dreams are...
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    Is there MP3 Quran by Sheikh Al-Ajami

    this is what u need
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    What do u mean by disuade you from "the path of Allah", please elaborate, jazakAllah.
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    Beard for Muslim men

    If for some bros the hair does grow on cheeks u can remove that, but must not go below ur jaw line.
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    Psychological treatment is a part of it also. But psychological problems dont give people immense strength all of a sudden etc and so on. Only Quran can heal that.
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    Yes the edit option has appeared now.
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    I only get the quickreply and quote button, and even then when my post is made it doesnt show up as a "quote".
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    salam aleikoum, soubhan Allah.. i was thiking the "unseen" can't be seen or heard.. astaghfero Allah lol. I think it was Abu Hurairah RA who was approached by Shaytaan in the form of a man for three nights and then Nabi saw advised him on Aytul Kursi. Point being Shaytaan is also a Jinn...
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    Is their no feature on the forum which allows me to edit my post after having posted it?
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    :salam2: everyone! is this real? ( i mean the sound effects ).do ppl really get possessed by jinns? pls someone tell me! . i never came across anyone who was. i believe they exist but ppl getting possessed..... Anna, back in 2004 i was visiting a mosque. Their was a young lad there and he just...
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    That video looks real. Ive had my fair share of bump in's with Jinns you could say. I used to be very skeptical but i witnessed a young lad get possessed by a jinn in a mosque and a freaky voice speaking thru him.
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    Juzz 29 Salah Bukhatir, Sharijah UAE

    You can download the Shieks entire Quran here.
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    Fahd Al Kanderi Quran Surah Qiyamah with English Translation

    Those who wish to download the above Surah in MP3 format, aswell as other surahs by this Imaam, visit this page inshAllah
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    Prayer...a personal thing....

    One thing which i was also advised, before prayer if you have time, sit down and contemplate. Contemplate on the ahadith on the virtues of prayer, contemplate on the greatness of Allah swt and who you are about to present urself before. Try learning the meanings of the Surah Fatihah etc so you...
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    Assalamu Alaikum

    Aah okie dokie. JazakAllah :)
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    Ramadan Hajjaj al-Hindawi

    -3583937926781645966 Ramadan Hajjaj al-Hindawi is one of the youngest Egyptian reciters to be approved by the Radio Committee, and is a fast-rising star of the ... new generation. Here he recites from 21:104-end, plus Surahs 86 and 112 (Anbiya', Tariq, Ikhlas).
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    Importance of the Masajid

    Abu Sa'id Khudri RA narrates that Rasulullah saw said: Whoever adores the Masjid, Allah adores him! (Tabarani and Majma uz-Zawaid) Abu Darda Ra narrates: I heard Rasulullah saw saying: The masjid is the house of every pious person who fears Allah. For the one who makes the Masjid his house...
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    Assalamu Alaikum

    JazakAllah for the warm welcome. Erm coupla things, ive made some posts but they wont show up? why is that?? :( I tried private messaging the admin but it said i do not have that privelage.