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    Question: Accidently plucked a couple of hairs before hajj

    So i am going for Hajj on thursday insh Allah, i am told we shouldn't shave or cut nails once 1st dhul Hijja starts. So i cut my nails etc before that. Now today while sitting in my regular routine and playing with face with hands i usually pick on the small hairs on the beard. So without...
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    Question: Want to know name of the Reciter (youtube vid with timestamp)

    Thank you for the name of the Reciter, however it sounds much different from the reciter in the video i posted for some reason. What do you mean the background refers to the Ahmady Jammat? If you mean the lecture of the video i posted than that is definitely not Ahmady. It's by a scholar named...
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    Question: Want to know name of the Reciter (youtube vid with timestamp)

    This is the link of the video (if it doesn't automatically goes to the time, you can goto 53:48) Any and all help would be highly appreciated!
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    Islam, on Jinns?

    Okay i was on youtube a few days ago when i came across this video WARNING!!! please don't watch this if you're a kid or feint of heart. First of all i'd like to ask you guys if anywhere in the Quran or Ahadees is it mention that Jinns can...
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    A little bit of a confusing situation..need help!

    Ok so it goes like this. My father has rented someone an office. The people that are in that office currently are some sort of telemarketers. I went there today and found out they're scamming people sort of (more on that later). Is it okay for us to rent them the office? Ok about the scamming...
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    Am i suppose to have 4,294,967,295 notifications?

    just upload your picture to and copy the link to the picture it gives you, then when you post a thread you should see an icon with mountains wait lemme take a picture and tell you paste the link in the box that comes up and voila, there's your picture
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    Am i suppose to have 4,294,967,295 notifications?

    :salam2: Well i joined back in 2007 and had been MIA ever since 2008 i think. Well i came back today to ask a question to find out i have 4,294,967,295 notifications. is this suppose to be normal? I don't have that many visitor messages though
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    Delete my account

    And there goes "THE" opportunity for u Islam is the solution for erything i feel sorry for ya but its ur choice no offense but u have no idea how unlucky u r to have come this close to islam and didnt convert think about it this life ain't gon last forever 30 years more maybe 40 maybe 50 tops...
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    Asalam o allikum

    Thanx for asking!
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    Asalam o allikum

    ALHAMDULLILLAH i m fine aswell.
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    woow very excited

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    Asalam o allikum

    ooooookkkkkk very nice of u guys to say walaikumsalam lolz
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    My first trial

    NIce man! may ALLAH bless u!
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    nnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee JazakAllah
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    Medical Question

    nice!!! Islam has answers for erything!!!!!!
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    inshALLAH u'll do great! may ALLAH help u on yo exaM
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    Employee motivation and Effect on Productivity

    yeah nice article. studied this stuff in HRD (human resoure department) of business studies guess everything islam teaches us is the best way of life!
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    who is excited about ramadan?

    me me me me me me me me me me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Share ur ideas of spending RAMADAN and EID....

    Ramadhan is the awesomest!!!!!!!
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    Asalam o allikum

    just wanted to say :salam2: how are you all doing how's life going etc. :SMILY288: