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    Question to Arabic speakers

    salam , native arabic here ... yes it's much easier in arabic , because quran in arabic unique sentences ... after praying al fajer read what you memorize ....
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    Nearly there!

    congrats sister :shake: , can you tell us how you found Islam and what's attract you to become a Muslim ...?
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    Hi.. I'm Zico

    welcome here bro , hope someone from germany help you ......
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    Is it haram to open a shisha/hookah cafe

    sure it's haram ....... shisha is haram sure you can't sell something haram .....
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    Introducing Myself

    hmm welcome here bro
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    hello forum!

    welcome :salam2: welcome here sister
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    Leaving the forum, dont want to

    @op thanks bro jazak allah kheer you made my day
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    my brothers and sisters, i need your translation , about this Arabic poem

    i understand each word in the poem but my English don't help me to translate it , sorry , may you find someone here to translate
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    is TTI islamic?

    you are 9 yrs old ? lol yes this forum not suitable for you btw why do you think this forum non islamic ? , maybe because some members like me post "lol"
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    Answering Shia

    well... my English prevent me from deep discussion , but i heard story in Arabic i will translate : someday shah of iran want to make debate between shia leaders and only one sunnie sheikh , the sunnie sheikh didn't come on the time he late , and enter the palace of shah holding his shoes ...
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    new member

    thanks for your replies
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    Saudi Arabia - Jobs for Women

    i'm civil engineer search for job in KSA too , yes you can work there but what's your skills/degree sis ? e.g you can teach english langauge to females students .
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    مفــــــــاتيح ســــــــــــــــــــ&#16

    bro i thought it's arabic section ! or maybe wrong !
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    مفــــــــاتيح ســــــــــــــــــــ&#16

    الردود قرأتها و شاهدتها على مدار سنوات لا استطيع تذكر المصادر الان لكن هذا قد يساعد بعد بحث سريع في جوجل
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    What are you currently reading?

    I'm reading now your post !
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    Hot, High-Paying Career Sectors

    lol i'm civil engineer and can't find job yet "Project Engineer, Construction - $69,200 - After Three Years Experience Project engineers plan, design and oversee the construction and maintenance of building structures and facilities. The ideal candidate is a strong leader who is organized and...
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    What's your degree or education background?

    I'm civil engineer , @Rebaz can you specify what's engineering department ?
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    مفــــــــاتيح ســــــــــــــــــــ&#16

    اخي هذه تحتاج الى ردود طويلة تتناول الاعجاز العلمي في القران والسنة ونعم هناك شروحات وردود اطلعت عليها سابقا حول هذه المواضيع كلما عليك هو البحث عبر الانترنت عنها وممن برعوا في الاعجاز العلمي عبدالباسط السيد وزغلول النجار وغيرهم
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    new in this nice web-site

    welcome here brother
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    New Design and lay out for the website?

    no I'm not ! just give my opinion i don't like the theme !