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    Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Dies in Karachi

    :salam2: Time for the appearence of Mahdi akhirzamaan, inshallah. :wasalam:
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    Why 2nd wife?

    :salam2: nice dabate.... well honestly it took me 32 years to find my other half and and keeping her happy is my major goal now. i dont deny sunnah but i do know that it is sometimes very difficult to do justice even with my one rafeeqi hayat.....and hence the rule that if you cant do justice...
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    Couscous:Moroccan traditional dish

    :salam2: sis, could you please post the recipie, my wife would love to make a coucous dish. :wasalam:
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    As-salamu 'alaykum; Greetings from a New Member/Prospective Convert

    :salam2: Brother welcome to TTI. I saw that you have been given a number of options to try by brothers and sisters. Perhaps it is too confusing to follow all of them at this point of time. If I was you, to begin with I would personally follow just Quran (good translations are Abdullah Yousuf...
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    peace to you br david and welome to tti.
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    she made me cry

    :salam2: my heart sank on watching this liitle girl.... God help us even if we dont deserve it because of our actions. and i thought i had problems.... :wasalam:
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    a humble request for Dua

    :salam2: Thanks for all the dua. how can a person be sad when Allah swt is on his side along with all the brothers and sisters. Imaan is not waning, alhamdulillah it is getting stronger with every passing second. Just wanted some pious person out there to pray for us as well. Wassalam.
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    Prophesies of the FUTURE!

    :salam2: Ok I remember that once I read that Said Nursi (turkish) also has written a book about endtimes but I never got to read it. Recently I read the Before and after by Ibn Kathir and such a narration is not there. But given the fact that this info has been around since 1100 is...
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    a humble request for Dua

    :salam2: I know this hadith brother but I sincerely doubt that I am any good in Allah's eyes. :wasalam:
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    a humble request for Dua

    :salam2: OK I thought I wont write about it but we need sincere dua from our brothers and sisters. Recently we went through a number of hardships (perhaps tests or perhaps punishment) from Allah swt. I am trying to be strong but somehow my strength is waning day by day. Usually I would go...
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    What is the best age to get married?

    :salam2: when you meet the right muslim or muslima, i guess and also when Allah swt has decreed you to meet your mektoub...... :wasalam:
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    Prophesies of the FUTURE!

    :salam2: I have read many many (I mean really a lot) of books on endtimes and the coming of Mahdi (as) but have never read this narration. If this is authentic then Allahu Akbar but if not then Allah knows best. :wasalam:
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    The Mehdi - The Reviver of Islam

    :salam2: which world map and what dots I come from the region as well.....peace :wasalam:
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    Ilahi nasheed

    :salam2: thanks for the nasheed and the translation. i opened two tti windows and just realised that i have been listening to this for half an hour now. jazakallah. :wasalam:
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    Just curious - views / experience on polygamy

    :salam2: Am happily married to a gentle muslima and hope and pray that I can keep her happy (is not always easy Seriously one wife is enough,....alhamdulillah :wasalam:
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    Salaam People!

    :salam2: :SMILY206: :SMILY206: Share deen with us bro. :wasalam:
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    Muhammad Asad

    :salam2: huh I have been trying to get Islam at cross roads for years (5+) now. Was stuck in Germany for almost a decade and thus didnt have free access to english books and now am in France.....AllahuAkbar. Whenever I visit UK or home, they always say it is out of print. :wasalam:
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    Muhammad Asad

    :salam2: I read Road to Makkah few years back and like it soooo much. Could never lay my hands on Islam at cross roads....another book from Late Muhammad Assad. :wasalam:
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    :salam2: sister and :jazaak: Quran says 'wa attiur rasolla fakad attaallah' One who follows Prophet pbuh follows allah swt. Thus if neither Prophet pbuh nor his companions ra did all that what we are doing nowadys, for sure it is an innovation and a bidah. :wasalam:
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    Video From Catholicism to Islam

    :salam2: Thanks i read the story whilst at work today and honestly got distracted by the photo. It looks much better now without the pic. Masallah nice story. May allah swt reward the sister. :wasalam: