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    The 12th Imam of the Shia is Dajjal?

    The shia's believe that Imam Mahdi will descent and kill all the sunni's ! ! ! So that means their Imam Mahdi will be Dajjal ????!!!!! Obviously the Dajjal will decieve people that he is right !!!!!!!
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    Clear Evidences Against Shia Forbidden Practise of Temporary Marriage

    :salam2: Shia's say that Abu bakr(ra) did not give fadha to Fatimah(ra). Can anyone explain what this means ???
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    shias and sunnis

    :salam2: They believe they are the ahle bayht? How is it possible?? All I can say they are cursed and will be until the last day.
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    Misunderstandings About Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab

    It is not just the western media that use this term, it is the muslim's themselves.
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    shias and sunnis

    :salam2: Has anyone been on the *removed* forum? I am so disgusted with the sunni and shia category. Why are the shia's so against the 3 caliphs Abu Bakr(ra), Omar(ra) and Usman(ra) ?????? They speak so ill of them and curse them. They call themselves the 'slave of Ali'. How can anyone be a...
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    American magazine intends to hand out free books insulting Prophet Mohamed

    One thing that I can't understand is why do they always insult the prophet (Pbuh)? I mean those suicide bombers and the incident that ocurred on 9/11 and after that, has nothing to do with the teachings of the prophet (Pbuh). As far as i'm concerned suicide is a grave sin. Why do...
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    Body Building is Annoying

    What does islam say about bodybuilding??????? Are you not changing your appearance? Are you not taking all sorts of different products that could be harming your body? :SMILY346:
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    :salam2: It's true....we don't remember our sisters and brothers who are suffering in other parts of the world. We intend to cry over our problems when they are nothing compared to what they are going through. Thats why we should thank Allah for the life we have. :tti_sister:
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    **Which Prophet Could Communicate with the Animals and Jinns?**

    who says so...........I am a sunni and my family and people around us address all prophets as Hazrat.......... Even in educational urdu books (bukhari shareef) they address prophets as Hazrat.
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    "ignorant" neighbours

    Do you not have some sort of authority that deals with matters like this?? In england the health environment authority get involved. They issue letters of warning to them and then take legal action if the matter is not sorted.
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    **Which Prophet Could Communicate with the Animals and Jinns?**

    Hazrat Sulaiman (allahi salaam) communicated with all jinns and animals. He had so much power that the jinns even worked for him!!!!!! :ma:
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    **who was Prophet's (pbuh) BROTHER???QUIZ

    wasn't Hamza the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)???????:SMILY149:
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    Firstly dajjal will show, then Imam Mehdi, then prophet Isa (allai salaam) and finally Gog and Magog.
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    dajjal will come first, then the Imam Mehdi, then prophet Isa (allai salaam) and finally Gog and Magog
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    What is the role/responsibilities/duties of the husband, please?

    You say that you have had problems in the past, then I think your husband should try to prove himself that everything has changed. For eg, you should both go to bed together, wake up and have breakfast together etc. This is the only way you will stop having doubts about him if he shows that he...
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    mom or dad

    closer to mum!!:hearts: dad has always been strict from day1. Its so hard to have a conversation with him just in case I say something wrong. But I love him alot :SMILY346:
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    spouse is taking drugs

    I do not want to divorce him as we have been married for 10 years and have 3 lovely children. I cannot see my children without a father, it will totally destroy them. It will be very difficult to bring them up on my own, as I believe children should be brought up by both parents. I pray everyday...
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    spouse is taking drugs

    what should one do is spouse is taking drugs (cocaine)?:angryred::angryred:
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    muhammad's birthday

    There are no hadiths to prove this. People do this out of love for the prophet (pbuh). These are the opions of an indidvidual.
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    Question Regarding Salah

    Y r u afraid to tell her?!! it is best to tell her now then her finding out some other way. After all, Allah is on your side so there is nothing to be afraid of.