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    Asslamu alaikum!

    salam alikum warahamato allah wabarakato welcome sister and congratulation for hedaiah . i ask allah with all his beatiful names to giud your family to islam ameeeeen eccept my best regards salam alikum sami2000
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    muslimische Heirat

    salam alikum warahamto allah wabarakato plz write with english brother to those who understand this language please translate what the brother said to help him salam alikum sami2000
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    salam alikum warahamato allah wabarakato welcome to this wonderful forum , may allah gather us in aljannah ameeeeeen salam alikum sami2000
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    A heart-touching story... learn from it.

    salam alikum warahamato allah wabarkato JAZAK ALLAH GHAIRN dear brother it is realy touched story ,thanks we have to thanks allah alot for his many many graces and good dees for us in every situation and every difficulty, he is the most merciful with us ,how allah is great and kind with us...
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    'Wake Up O Muslims'!!!

    salam alikum warahamato allah wabarakato thanks again brother for that wonderful style post may allah keep us on iman and always do all good deeds ameen salam alikum sami200
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    salam alikum warahamato allah wabarakato thanks brother ABU HORAIRAH for this imporatant post and you always give us all new and beatiful may allah protect us from hell fire ameeeen YARAB ,YAKAREEM ,YAHAFIS keep us away from hell salam alikum sami2000
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    نونية القحطانى بصوت رائع

    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله جزاك الله خيرا اخي على هذه المشاركه الطيبه وجعلها الله في ميزان حسناتك السلام عليكم
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    New to site from UK

    aslam alikum warhamto allah wabarakato welcome brother to TTI and you are one of us may allah show us the straight path salam alikum sami2000
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    salam alikum warahmato allah wabarakato JAZAK ALLAH GHAIRN and thanks for that ,may allah save us at that time and that place where the hill fire say where is every person who fear muslims and dont rule with justice oh allah the almighty dont show us the hill fire and gather us with the...
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    Adding Videos To A Thread

    jwEOM2XNsp0&feature salm brothers ad sisters this what i have done with this i hope you like it
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    salam alikum warahmato allah wabarakato to all members of this graet forum make DWAA(prayer ) to allah to exept her in your mercy and forgivness oh allah i ask you with all of your beatiful names and with the name which anyone call you with it you respond to him and if he ask something you...
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    salam alikum warahmato allah wabarakato welcome brother to TTI and here some links i hope it will help you (the day of judgement book) anther article salam alikum sami2000
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    Assalamu alaikum

    salamalikum warahmato allah wabarakato welcome sister to our islamic community TTI and congratulation for HEDAIAH :tti_sister::tti_sister:may allah the almighty keep us at the right path and make our hearts full of his light ,ameeeeen :tti_sister::tti_sister: dwaa(invite people to islam...
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    sister, May Allah forgive you for what you have done and may you find peace and solace in your heart through repentance.(InshaAllah) Is there still a chance? Can my sins be forgiven? I have committed all kinds of sins, can I get them wiped out? Would Allah really accept me after years of...
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    Is anyone here Shi'a?

    saalam alikum warahmato allah wabarakato welcome brother and nice to see your post here ,i would like say that we are all muslims here loves each other no differnce between white or black sunni and shia ,we all love any muslim here .islam is reliegin of unity ,of peace ,not for parts , ithinks...
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    some questions

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    some questions

    salam alikum warahmato allah i would like to thanks ABOMESHARI for that beatiful point salam your brother sami2000
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    New non-Muslim member

    hello pal wish you are better health What is Islam? Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world's population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace...
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    Greater Purpose of Quran - Dr.Jamal Zarabozo

    salam alikum warahmato allah wabarakato thanks for that clip he is totaly right .QURAN is our life style , salam alikum\sami2000
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    in the name of god

    salam alikum warahmato allah wabarakato welcome ABKAR.... to TTI and we hope to enjoy your stay here my best regards to u salam alikum sami2000