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    Turkish Schools Offer Pakistan a Gentler Vision of Islam

    well, not the "turks" lost Islam, the caliphate, infact we muslims lost it. in the past there was a collective hinking of being one ummah, not like today nationalism. our nation is being muslim not more or less...
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    Turkish Schools Offer Pakistan a Gentler Vision of Islam

    Thank you for sharig! Hope it will have a positive affect on the society, insha'allah!
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    the 4 imams??

    well, well ... if I am reading your comments am very sad about you. These kind of polemic "questions" are just hurting the muslim society. So please stop it! So why are you talking and especially acting like an teacher?:SMILY286: A sister is explaining you about this topic.... A brother...
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    Sami al-Hajj speaks of his Guantanamo ordeal

    yes thank you very much alkathiri! well done for sharing with us! here is another video about him
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    Erdogan, a great Islamic figure

    :salam2: I agree with you 100%! Like in the quran pointed out the meaning "We will change the situation of people first, if they change theirselves" Therefore it is not fair to look from the point of a perfect man. We should try to "fix" our own faults caused by our nefs, after then our next...
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    Muslims in the West Between Assimilation and Isolation

    masha'allah very informative! shukran for sharing with us!
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    10.000 Faatiha For His Soul

    I read 10 times!
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    „Töte hundert Türken und dann ruh dich aus!…..“

    BISMILLAHIR'RAHMANIR'RAHIM Nun, um die Frage zu beantworten was dies mit dem Islam zu tun habe, möchte ich erwähnen, dass man lieber den Artikel im Ganzen lesen sollte, falls man zufällig von den politischen Ereignissen der letzen Wochen nicht mitbekommen hat oder keine Nachrichten verfolgt...
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    “Kill a Hundred Turks and Rest...”

    :salam2: dear sister and brothers! In the past I heard about this following story, but I thought only it is something in the "past" forget it. But I was unfortunately:-( Well, it is about the way of teaching of the zionism ideology to their youth. Make your own picture about it... I was...
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    „Töte hundert Türken und dann ruh dich aus!…..“

    :salam2: liebe Geschwister! Ich möchte mit euch folgenden Artikel teilen. Macht euch ein eigenes Bild über diese Sache... :wasalam: DER ERSTE Schritt aus diesem Wahnsinn wäre, all unsere Vorstellungen und Methoden der letzten 60 Jahre zu hinterfragen und mit dem Denken neu zu beginnen...
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    assalam alaikum from turkey

    Bismillah wa alaykumsalam bro cihan! it has not to do something with evidence, only one of the illness in our muslim comunity worldwide called - prejudice. may ALLAH swt guide us, insha'allah. it is like the "brainwashing" against us muslims by the media. what are our non-muslim...
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    Is It Selfish of Me?

    :salam2: bro where did u get this, please? If you mean reading quran by heart without only wudu, ok this I can confirm, but if you wanted to say holding the holy quran, especially touching the holy words of Allah (swt) it isn't right to do that without the wudu. Our dalils: "In Book...
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    أخلاق القرآن هي الحلّ

    :salam2: الآن، وأنتم تقرأون هذه الكلمات هناك أناس كثيرون يعانون من الأذى… بعضهم يتعذّب من الجوع… والبعض الآخر أُجبر على العمل وهو صغير السّن… وهناك أناس آخرون طُردوا من بيوتهم، وحِيل بينهم وبين أهليهم، وحرموا من العيش مع أبنائهم، ونُفوا من أوطانهم… كل يوم تطالعنا الصحف والتلفزيون بمشاهد...
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    A Poem for Women in Islam - Be Proud of Hijab

    :salam2::hijabi: masha'allah! well done sister! A very nice poem:-) :wasalam:
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    :salam2: liebe Geschwister im Islam! Ich ahbe eine Doku im Netz gefunden, vielleicht werdet ihr ein Nutzen daraus ziehen können, insha'allah! salam
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    une video sur le niqab!(l'anglais)

    Salut :hearts:! et salam
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    Ya Niqabi! (video)

    :salam2: Hope you will enjoy it, insha'allah. Masalamah
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    Ya niqabi!

    :salam2: all! well, I thought it was malay, but I was wrong sorry! thank you all for your comments:)
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    Ya niqabi!

    wa alaykumsalam really?
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    Ya niqabi!

    I am thanking all who liked the poem and maybe will like it by reading it later. My wish is it to rech so many sisters in Islam, especially who are in the circumstances like sister "warda A" told us. Therefore I am glad if you could pass my poem on, insha'allah. Masalamah