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    please delete my account

    Dear sister dont leave
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    Photographer reveals how Muslims saved Jews from the Nazis

    Mashallah. At the end of the day everyone is a human
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    I'm worried

    Salam. sister from drinking alchol you become an addict. It is utterly Haram in Islam to drink. Talk to him of what Allah says and who would HE listen to.
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    "still unmarried"

    Dear Sister; She should not take it on her that she is not married because of her sins. Although it is Farz and Sunnat to get married in Islam, if you have tried this is not your fault. This sister should never loose hope on Allah and Inshallah Allah will grant you your wishes.
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    Du'aa For Forgivness - English

    Thankyou for the views.
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    Dua for trying to conceive, to have a baby, to become pregnant دعاء للحمل

    Salatul Haja is simple. Make a fresh Wudu with an intent for this prayer and make it well, then pray two rakaat prayer, reading whatever you like (some prefer the Kaferoon in first, and the Ikhlas in the second). After you finish, make a good tasbeeh "Subhan Allah" and Hamd "AlHamdolellah" and...
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    Du'aa For Forgivness - English

    Asalamualykum Warahmatulahi May peace be with you and the mercy of Allah :salam2: My Respected brothers and Dear sisters; I would like to write a Du'aa down in English & Arabic for forgivness from Almighty Allah. In The Name Of Allah Most Merciful Most Kind -Bismillah Hirahma Niraheem...
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    Tajweed ul-Qur'aan female teacher available in East London

    Have you got permission to post this?
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    need your help ?!

    Learn from me:)
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    Name change HARAAM??!!?

    Asalamualykum Warah Ma Tullahi Wa barakahtuhu Dear sister you do not need to change your name and it is NOT haraam. Hope this helps :)
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    Beneficial Brotherhood and Love

    Mashallah Ji'sakallah
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    Receive Books on Islam for free!

    Mashallah, thank you.
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    What is Islam? About Islam/ islam beliefs

    Mashallah. Ji'sakallah
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    Oh Allah, please forgive me...

    |Mashallah this is so beautiful, May Allah shower blessings upon you, A'meen. Ji'sakallah for this.:ma:
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    Common Tajweed Mistakes

    Thankyou brother for your sharing. :)