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    What is the deal with Shia's?

    salam Chrisitians and Jews will not enter paradise this is obvious and it is not a disputed matter. People who did not recieve the message of the prophet will they enter heaven or hell? This is for allah to decide not for us. As for the hadith and the shias. The prophetpeace be upon him...
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    Alawi Muslims

    Alawits are a shia sect. They differ in that they say that Ali is God in its human form, while Shia ( twelvers ) say that is an *imam* with special powers such as knowledge of the unseen/future And alawits are the same as nusyriah. Their historical name and in books of theology and aqida are...
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    Arabic rigorous law

    Yes, law is based on the quran especially the hanbali madhab. But in islam there are many rules and conditions need to be met before cutting someone's hand....he has to steal something on you ( so car stealing is not included ). It is very rare for someone hand to be cut due to the rigorous...
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    Dua for Pakistani brothers and sisters

    Pakistan.........The country i love the most after my own country is certainly Pakistan. I have met many of its people working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This made Pakistan hold a special place in my heart. Sincerely Pakistan is always in my duas....
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    Interview A Muslim Jinn

    If you seek refuge in allah, do your prayers, and say the special duas. Jinns will never be able to harm me or affect you Plus any Jinn that interacts with humans is not a muslim. Before Bablon there were no connection between humans and jins till the angels haroot and maroot taught humans...
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    Umar ibn al kattab

    :salam2: I hope everyone is well. This Eid i was talking to a very distant relative that came to visit us in Riyadh. He lives in Mecca and he is responsible in taking care of several doors in the masjid al haram. One of the doors he takes care of is Umar ibn kattab door. He told me that...
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    Waiting for Green Card for years Why ?

    How bad gulf arabs are? we dont consider other arabs as arabs? that we are arabs first and muslims 2nd? :astag::astag::astag: it saddens me to see a brother telling me this.....:astag::astag: it is very sad how much you seem to hold grudges against arabs and espcially gulf arabs......i really...
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    Waiting for Green Card for years Why ?

    Haha only in Arablands? in turkey u cant wear ur head scarf to a university. In tajikstan they last week closed up a dozen of quran schools i know the US i know what happened to the Japanese etc but seriously to say that it is that bad? not true look at pakistan muslims killing...
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    Waiting for Green Card for years Why ?

    what's the percentage of people being kindapped from the west and transffered to other countries? be realistic this forum is full of western muslims and people living in the west ask them how many each of them know that was kidnapped and tortured and killed? and go to an arab country with the...
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    Waiting for Green Card for years Why ?

    CIA placing bugs in mosques? a few hate crimes? really? that's all? in tunis before the revlution my tawheed teacher ( a saudi as well ) went there to visit a friend when he prayed fajar in the mosque 2 night in a row the intelligent officers arrested him asking him why do you pray so much?!hey...
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    In Bahrain many shias are becoming sunnis. In Saudi Arabia many shias are becoming sunnis. However, most shias here ( saudi arabia ) are becoming non-religious as in having no concern over their religion whatsoever. Though in qatif city of Saudi arabia there are strict shia ( but they are a...
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    Brother forgive for what :)? You regard ali ra highly? :ma which muslim doesnt? the shia regard him too highly. Making him allah ( the case of alawis in Syria ) or regarding him as better than prophets and all other companions ( as shias in iran do ) Certainly no muslim is a muslim if he...
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    It's not about piety my brother, it is about avoiding bid'ah and kuffr. Both videos are reasons to be thankful that allah did not misguide us.
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    No comment just watch...!
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    Diffrence between chaliphas and imaams??

    Please be careful. Those 4 Imams did not change a thing or differ in anythings in terms of aqeeda. They are only imams in fiqh not aqeedh. Aqeedh is clear and there is no difference in opinion regarding it however in fiqh there are differences in opinion
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    King Abdullah Vast Makkah's Expansion Project.

    masjid al haram expansion The king lays the fondation stone for the expansion of the holy mosque. This new expansion will increase the number of people praying by 1.2 million.
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    Michigan prep team moves to night practice during Ramadan

    :salam2: I have heard that many of the arab muslim population is from iraq. They were fleeing from Saddam I think. So, this means that a big portion of the arab population might be shia :(. Be careful if you visit not to ask any questions related to aqeedah. As their aqeedah is very...
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    Somali children die from hunger

    Brother, please don't say that :astag: not all punishments are results of kuffr or sins. Some are simply trials or tests for all muslims to see if they will help our brothers there. Please what you said is very insensitive. May allah shower his blessing on them
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    Michigan prep team moves to night practice during Ramadan

    I don't think that is true. Please don't make such claims without evidence.
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    Michigan prep team moves to night practice during Ramadan

    The prophet endured much more than just a silly high school football game.....very disrespectful