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    Living away from spouse 4 1/2 months.

    salam sisters i am not an expert but im pretty sure its most definitely not ok to be away for four months because i have read somewhere that if the couple do not have normal relatio0ns for four months the marriage is no longer a marriage dear sister you say you dont like anything about his...
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    London axe murder

    i live far away from britain ..... i heard in minutes as breaking news that a " muslim" had supposedly brutally murdered a soldier yet iheard nothing at all about the 70 old muslim stabbed to death until someone wrote an article comparing the two
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    Allahu Akbar! Torture In Syria

    MAy Allah punish those who commit these terrible crimes and reward those who are patient in face of such suffering
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    FAKE video of london murderer!

    we dont know the truth about this incident or the video..but both major news ca#hannels were quick to say this is a muslim blame it on islam.. BBC reported the man looked like a muslim...which he certainly did not and after apologised and retracted the report Itv released the video where he is...
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    Dear sister its a long while I did not come to this siteand tonight I did and found your letter . Dear you are not alonefirt and most important yyou have Allah and then you have your husband and children. I am lucky as I live in an islamic country. But is not easy have ha many had lonely times...
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    Finnish crepes

    me too sister iwill try inshallah
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    esslalamu 'alaykum

    welcome sister ..ahlan wa sahlan
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    Pop quiz

    please help our brother to help the people of syria may allah reward hiiiim..there should be many more like him,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Gay "Mosque" to open in Paris

    Zahed's Parisian mosque will be inspired by the work of Muslims for Progressive Values in North America, who practice common prayer, in an egalitarian setting and without any form of gender-based discrimination. this muslims for progressive values group in north america... is a large...
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    Gay "Mosque" to open in Paris

    salam before this man built this mosque in france... he came and did hajj in saudi arabia... he knows what is right and wrong but choose to be different
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    300 Sunni Muslims Killed Today in Syria by Assad in Hamma, Syria. Where is the Muslim Worlds Outcry?

    thank you sister... yes how sad that we are deaf and blind...but one day everythiong will be tAKEN INTO account AND the days we did not hear our brothers and sisters cries and see thier tears nor feel their pain
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    300 Sunni Muslims Killed Today in Syria by Assad in Hamma, Syria. Where is the Muslim Worlds Outcry?

    have to agree with this...only five people even commented on 300 killed in a bread line.........and many more commented on the gay mosque i have been away from this site for many sad to return and find... people still unmoved by the plight of thier brother muslims ..we will all be...
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    Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek beheaded in Saudi Arabia

    please sisters and brothers do not paint all saudi women as the same...yes there are many who do nothing but shop and party while people take care of thier children but not all are the same there are many highly educated saudi women who work and look after their neighbour is one such...
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    Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek beheaded in Saudi Arabia

    assalam a laykum i am happy to come back to this siste and find many people trashing saudi,... one most of you have never lived or even visited saudi two most of you do not know the deatials of this case we can blame her country and those that send young girls underage for employment we...
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    "For the sake of Allah" - Newlyweds in Syria

    yes beating is mentioned that is because of her opposition activities,,,why are uassuming there was no wali and that its sunni shiite,,, the marriage was just complicated because of the situation in syria
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    Syrian body parts in trash cans.

    all of this,,,and the world ..the muslims the arabs all keep quiet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why these are our brothers and sisters in islam...where is humanity where is the ummah??
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    Street Dawah At London 2012 Olympic Games.

    i saw them mysefl in stratford....mashallah
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    sorry have to disagree,,, looks and money are not most important,...and if you judge by these you will be the loser...............
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    a brief introduction

    welcome sister
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    A new start

    am so happy for you welcome dear sister