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    Need help!!!!

    Salaam brothers and sisters, my atheist friend has been posing me a question that I don't know the exact answer to. If anyone could answer it would be greatly appreciated. he says: Why did God create satan when he knew satan would cause evil in the world? and why does God send people to hell...
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    Hi, New Here

    :wasalam: Some of this information is not correct. The main difference between Shia and Sunni is that Shia follow the 12 decendants of Muhammad (s) as the leaders of Islam after Muhammad (s), known as Imams. Shias and Sunnis both pray to only Allah and worship Him only (I myself am actually...
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    interesting photos of Mars: a face and a prayer

    :wasalam: Salaam brother. It is simply a rock, and nothing else. It is actually an illusion, the rock is much smaller the the picture shows, as it is zoomed in. And Allah knows best
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    does shaitan enter the masjid?

    :wasalam: Salaam brother in Islam. The Shaytan is always near you, trying to deceive you in every way possible. He can enter any place. It is not always physical, mostly mental (i.e, you telling yourself to keep sleeping instead of waking up for Fajr, etc.). Hope that answers your question...
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    Need your help please!!!!

    :wasalam: Salaam sister . . . I will pray for your dear son to be in the best of possible health and for him to keep his iman in these tough times. Ameen. “Surely, with every difficulty there is relief. Surely, with every difficulty there is relief.” - Suraat 94:5-6
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    :wasalam: Salaam sister. Ghosts do not exist. The Jinn are the closest thing to "ghosts".
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    Illuminati Revealing

    :wasalam: Salaam brother. There is no such thing as the "Illuminati", it is just one of the many conspiracy theories people string together with little to no evidence.
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    What is the benefit of reading Prophet Muhammad's biography?

    :salam2: Yes , it is very important to read about the biography of the Final Prophet , Muhammad (s) . First of all , reading his bio can strengthen your Iman by showing you the way he lived his life . You should want to know as much as possible about Muhammad (s) . Hope that answers your...
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    Muhammad The Last Prophet Cartoon DVD

    :wasalam: Salaahm brother , I'm pretty sure it would be allowed to watch that movie. I have actually seen it myself, and yes it contains no image of Prophet Muhammad (s).
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    Please make Du'a for me urgent !!

    :wasalam: Salaam sister . Alhumdulillaah he understands , inshallaah one day he will convert to Islaam . :salah:
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    dua request for paralysed brother

    :wasalam: Salaam brother , I will make Du'a for your brother . I pray to Allaah that He heals your brother . Ameen .
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    Who's your favorite reciter/qari?

    :wasalam: There are so many great reciters alhumdulillaah, and probably my favorite would be Mishary Rashid Alafasy.
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    Muhammad's concubine mary? Need some help.

    1. Yes, Muhammad (S) had 2 sons with Khadijah (RA) who died in infancy. 2. Hmm, I don't know of this Mary person either... 3. She is talking about how when a king has a child, that child becomes the next king etc. She might be asking why didn't Muhammad (S) have a son to continue his reign...
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    Are earrings halal?

    Hmm. I think they are Halal. Can anyone confirm?
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    Islamic Aware Week

    :wasalam: Great but there is one problem... the poster that talks about the founding fathers is messed up. That's not John Adams that's George Washington!
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    Please Make Dua for my husband

    :wasalam: Wasalaam aleykom sister in Islaam I will pray for your husbands safe return. Jazaka Allah hu khair to you for being caring towards your husband. Ameen. :salah:
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    Dua Help please?

    :wasalam: God-willing I will make du'a for you Sister. May you pass the test with ease :)
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    Unwelcome: The Muslims Next Door

    :wasalam: Salam. Thanks for sharing. Parts of this video are really sad, seeing the hatred towards Islam for no reason. Jazaka Allaah hu khairann Inshallaah this mosque will be built
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    Who is the ''Spirit of Truth'' in the Bible (John 16:12-14)

    :salam2: Al salaamu alaikom. In a lot of lectures by people like Dr. Zakir Naik and Ahmed Deedat, they always seem to quote the Gospel of John 16:12-14, which reads: "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he...
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    Story about a Student of Knowledge from 1980s as mentioned by Shaykh Falaah Ismaeel

    :wasalam: Jazaka Allah hu khair I always love reading stories like this :) Great to see more and more people accepting Islaam (Truth)