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  1. dilek

    Some wise words about Dunya

    Excellent words really :)
  2. dilek

    Is my prayer valid?

    Assalam Alaykum ya sister I ve had a quick search and I just could find in Turkish. It says the milk is not najess ( dirty) so it doesnt break the wodou, if it comes by itself or the mom gives milk to the baby doesnt matter the wodou is still valid. however it doesnt state anything about...
  3. dilek

    Salam I am new to Sunni Muslim

    Assalam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh Dear sisters and brothers please help sister aamina to find a mescid near her. If there is anyone near her area please get contact with her and describe the way how she can go to mescid. It is urgent and important .Thanks in advance.
  4. dilek

    Video and Pics of Inside Ka'ba

    Jazkallah khair ya akhi Amazing feeling to see the inside. I wasnt expecting marble in it.. i dont know i was always thinking inside the floor maybe black stones.
  5. dilek

    A moving story by revert sister Cassie

    MasaAllah what a great life and it is a proof that nothing is random in this life. Allah Subhanallah Teala arranged everything according to a rule with a reason. May Allah keep her in the jannah with salih mumins inshaallah.
  6. dilek

    The most attractive Slogan

    wa alaykum salam :hijabi: "Taste the flavor of life." is my choice !!
  7. dilek

    Salaat al-Kusoof

    :salam2: It is lunar eclipse time in Turkey, we prayed slaat al kusoof.. just a reminder from sister emaan and i post here as well. Praise be to Allaah. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “It is He Who made the sun a shining thing and the moon as a light and measured out...
  8. dilek


    Assalam Alaykum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh MasaAllah sister Harb or Saliha Harb :) I m proud of you and your works. I will search the adress of IHH near my area inshaallah and try to give a support. Thanks for reminding.. I always think about it but somehow goes out of my mind.. inshaallah i...
  9. dilek

    Who's your favorite reciter/qari?

    Assalam Alaykum My favourites are Saad Al-Ghamdi and Muhammad Al-Luhaidan !!! :D
  10. dilek

    Hifz program at my masjid!

    assalam alaykum ya brother MasaAllah it is very wonderful step. inshaallah you will achieve your aim and read Quran in Ramadan :) Just keep in mind here some old women learnt Quran in a very short time.. They were about 70 years :) you see when you decide upon something and ask Allah from heart...
  11. dilek

    If I am only...

    Jazakallallah khair ya sister ... As it is said friends are a mirror for ourselves.. so it shows how beautiful you are and your friend masaAllah ! may Allah keep your hearts warm for each other forever. :hijabi:
  12. dilek

    I stood up to my what?

    :salam2: While reading your post, i got very surprised ya sister... I m very proud of your emaan and the strength how you defense your religion. On the other hand I m very sorry to hear you face with such problems :girl3: however sister you know Allah doesnt give any burden that you cannot...
  13. dilek

    A beautiful ATHAN in the church...

    :salam2: Amazing ! Peace is understanding each other and ability to respect differences.
  14. dilek

    Muslim calls in a -Joke- Christian show

    "grammatical error" was really funny :p lol !!! they admit it is changed ! We never say it is a grammatical mistake in Quran.. instead of it we say check many different published Quran from all over the world and you ll see they are exactly the same !
  15. dilek

    Muslim calls in a -Joke- Christian show

    Assalam Alaykum JazakAllah khair for the video... It is good to see that he couldnt answer the questions and even get confused himself... but one point made me anxious.. sometimes as a muslim maybe we can be weak in answering questions of others about Islam and cannot satisfy their confusions...
  16. dilek

    Poetic Reminders.

    assalam alaykum ya brother MasaAllah I really appreciate your talent and the way that you use your talent.. Instead of writing useless things with these inspriation you prefer to write the right. May Allah keep you in his way firm and strong .
  17. dilek

    *** When I be gone***

    Assalam alaykum ya sister .. I loved each word, masaAllah !!! it is full of purity and honesty... I was away for a while from TTI and when I read your poem my repentence became double and your words let me in thoughts that how many great things i missed here and i need time to collect them...
  18. dilek

    Mind Blowing Facts

    i ve read the article :D it is amazing!!
  19. dilek

    Mind Blowing Facts

    43. Ants don't sleep. :eek::eek:
  20. dilek

    salam brothers and sisters...

    wa alaykum salam nice to hear from you ya sis alhamdulillah... and inshaallah everything will go better in your life .. trust on Allah and stay strong with your dua2 ya sister..