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    Thank you sister, Eid mubarak to you too. do you know when is Eid, where are you from?
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    When is Eid in the U.S.?

    So does anyone know if Eid is tomorrow or on Sunday, I live in the U.S. but we would be going by what Saudi Arabia says. Anyone heard anything yet?
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    Taraweeh Annoyance

    I can understand your annoyance sister. By the way you have a really pretty name. Maha is my 1 year old daughters name
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    surahs from recited by Sa'ad Al-Ghamdi

    :salam2: Does anyone know a good website to download Quran recitations by Sa'ad Al-Ghamdi? Please let me know if you do. Jazak Allah Khair
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    I need help finding a good website

    :salam2: Does anyone know a website where I can read the quran in arabic text and listen to it in arabic at the same time. A website where i don't need to download it because I'm at work and they don't allow me to download. Please let me know of any good websites. Jazak Allah khair
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    I wanna do suicide

    Brother you should fast, it will be the best way. Also you should consider seeking medical help.
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    I post on here frequently

    This is sooo funny. Thanks for the laugh
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    Finally spilling it (Pt.1)

    Faisal, The other brothers and sisters above have given you very good responses and probably have more knowledge about islam than I do. Your questions are very understandable and no one should make you feel bad for asking, you are actually very brave. But let me tell you one thing, if you...
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    Husband vs. Parents

    Thank you brother. Very good advice, I will keep that advice with me.
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    Husband vs. Parents

    Thank you brother.
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    Husband vs. Parents

    It's a tough situation but I try to think positive about it, I just pray to Allah that he will reward me for being patient, I just don't want money to cause any problems in our marriage and hopefully Allah give us more money for helping out his family, because you see they are in debt so I feel...
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    Husband vs. Parents

    well its money we both earn, we both work and our money is shared, I know my mother should have no business in it but I can't say anything bad to her because she is my mother and I cant disrespect her.
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    Husband vs. Parents

    :salam2: According to the rules in Islam, What do you do when your husband tells you to do one thing and your mother tells you to do the oppostite thing. I mean who should you listen to first? In islam the rights of a husband are very important and so is the right of your mother. I'm usually...
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    where do you prefer?

    you are completely right, when I went to visit pakistan from the U.S. I realized that most of the muslims here in the west practice more than the people I saw in Pakistan. My family over there was amazed to see me praying 5 times a day, they were thinking I would be the complete opposite. And we...
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    wife upset with me converting to Islam

    Wow very interesting, I've never been to the Zaytuna Institute but I have listened to Shiekh Hamza's lectures. I have heard other people saying these things about Shiekh Hamza, well may Allah guide us all. Thank you sister.
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    is this true or not??

    Salamalaikum sister, can you please tell me the meaning of wahabie
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    wife upset with me converting to Islam

    First of all I want to congratulate you, you are very lucky alhamdullilah. Second, about your wife, its a tough situation but if be patient and pray to Allah, there is no doubt Allah will accept your prayer in soon she will also accept Islam. Just be careful on forcing anything on her because...
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    Sometimes shaitan makes you act in ways you never thought you were capable of, so it could have been just one of those moments. But if you say this is not her first time acting this way, she really needs some medical help, this is not normal, no hormones can make you act this way. Also you need...
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    where do you prefer?

    Oh I never said ALL middle eastern countries, I said SOME of them. Its just that some of the countries have more corrupt people in them than others, thats all.
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    Question about Salah

    yes Alhamdullilah he is.