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    the Diary of Ramadan

    my days of ramadan were great compared to last year this year i can stand the hunger n traweeh seems easier than before alhamdulilah everything is great n i cant wait for the last ten days of ramadan because this year i want to get "lailatul qadr" but i have no idea how im gonna do that when...
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    Ramadan Mubarrak

    RAMADAN MUBARAK EVERYONE!!!! hope u all a great ramadan n happy Eid:hearts:
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    we want see ramadan in west

    wow my day is the same as yours, school takes up most of our day n that's horrible cause i get worn out easily n lets not even get started on the fact that i cant talk to no one(bad breath):girl3: But i still luv ramadan
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    A brother like that

    auuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a beautiful story!!!:ma: and sad:girl3:
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    so whats for iftar?

    wow reading all these makes me c that i eat alot for iftar in our home the table has to always be full with food before we start breaking the fast. Alhamdulilah. i came from traweeh now n should go to sleep salam sis
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    Hadith about Ramadhan (must read this!!)

    mansha Allah this is beautiful hadith thank u sis for sharing. it brought tears to my eyes thank u i wont forget to do so insha Allah starting RIGHT NOW:)
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    1to10 i think i'd be beyond 10 in hunger, but im not very tired. i ate a banana at suhur thats why i had energy today. Advice for all the sisters n brothers eat bananas, believe me u wont be so tired if u do, its clinically proven to keep u energized for most of the day.
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    Unhappy Day

    jazzaka llahu khair for sharing with us i didnt know birthdays were from these horrible rituals all put together although i've always kept away from it because it was something done by non-believers n doing what they do is following them. I know some relatives who celebrate it n i just cant...
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    Ways To Strengthen One’s Memory

    :salam2: jazzaka llahu khair sister i know from experience that the more u remember Allah n avoid sins the less forgetful u r.
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    Concerns about upcoming Ramadan

    i worried about ramadan too but not for eating purposes but the fact that i will be in school. I love to fast when iam at home with my family but in school not so much. Every year i avoid talking to my friends alot in ramadan because of my killer any ideas on that?
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    i've never heard of this in my ENTIRE life sounds weird, but if its good for ppl i wanna do it too i have weak joints, i like to play alot but i get tired easily N if ever i do "cupping" it would definately be the dry one. by the way where can u do this??
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    Best English translation of The Qur'an

    thankx for the info i own a Abdullahi Yusuf Ali translation n i love it but if u say this translation is good than insha Allah i will buy it
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    Pearls of Wisdom!

    this is a GREAT thread!!:) jazzaka llahu khair to brother Abdul-Raheem and all the brothers n sisters who've shared quotes!!!
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    what qualities to look for in a partner for marriage

    thanks....jazaka llahu khair my sister's thinking about marrying this guy who asked for her hand in marriage so i want her to read ur thread to c if he qualifies....thanks for sharing
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    The Prophet's Sense of Humour

    I love stories about the Prophet(saw)!!!! He(saw) was the best n most perrfect of ppl He(saw) is my role-model n knowing that he(saw) had a great sense of humor makes me happy because i like to laugh n joke(sometimes too much:( ) :tti_sister: may Allah make me like him.
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    New with names please!

    welcome to Islam my dear sister i wouldnt know what name u were thinking but i think this is a great name, SOFIYA
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    The Hijab is Beautiful

    Jazzak-Allah Khair such beautiful stories makes me proud n happy to be a muslimah who covers may Allah guide the kufar women n keep us in the right path, ameen:hijabi:
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    A Khutbah for the Muslim Woman-How A Pearl Develops

    :ma: :ma: :ma: Those are such beautiful and inspiring stories thank u for sharing with us, may Allah bless u in this life n the hereafter ameen I pray that Allah makes us ones that will bring about "armies of believing women n men" ameen:tti_sister:
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    Thank u so much brother for the info, may Allah bless u n increase ur knowledge
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    i thought so n thanks for the info