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    Marriage - I just don't get it...

    The ahadeeth tell us that in this situation which you find yourself in, you should keep fast as often as you can.
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    Raping Rukhsana with Impunity.

    This is indian brahmin ( Hindu ) democracy. Believe me this is one of the billions of story and incidents that have been committed by hindus against muslims with the help of indian govt. I m not sure how many muslims in the world know , how the indian govt has been dealing with muslims in...
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    How to buy/recognize Halal food in China?

    清真 How will one remember these two letter, they look same with two hats and two legs..
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    What does women and driving have to do with Islam?

    Unfortunately the western media is too blind to understand the issue. Govt and Shoura council in Saudi Arabia is not saying it is haram to drive and it should be forbidden. What they are saying that it is not the right time yet to allow women driving on roads as the country law forbid...
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    Tell me what i want - A Kashmiri I m not sure if you are a kashmiri " Nayyararsi" but i think the way you are writting the topic is as if it is border dispute between pakistan and india. We have millions of kashmiris living in this disputed land /area and we should and inshallah will decide...
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    indian marrying pakistani....any legal problem?

    If Pakistani male married a indian muslim girl = It will be a national issue If Pakistani male married a Indian non muslim girl = Hindu fanatic parties will make it an international issue and you would possibly be caught by indian intellegence over charges of terrorism in India if you visit...
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    I Have another doubt...

    Please refer the source where from you got it.
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    Synagoge of Satan

    I thought to share this with you "On January 30th 1933, Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. He expels the Jews as Communists, out of all Governmental positions within Germany. Interestingly, at the time the number of Jews in Germany’s government was over twenty times those in their...
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    Rationale for Ayatollah Khomeini allow gender reassignment?

    There is no permission in Islam for such things and infact it is strictly forbidden in Islam. As to why people in iran do it, you should know it that they are one of the deviant sect of Islam and such actions do not form part of Islam. Want to know more about this issue go to
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    Why is no one discussing Ft. Hood?

    Cool down before you start making conclusions and pointing fingers towards muslim faith. No one yet knows the reason as to why this man did this ? It may be that he is not happy with the two unjust and brutal wars US is fighting and doesnt want to go to any of these two countries for killing...
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    my mother's dead.....and so is a part of me

    It is indeed a great personal loss. But tell me who will live here for ever , we all have to go to meet the lord at appointed time. Pray that Allah give your mother Jannah inshallah. Be strong and Allah is with you.
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    Well these all are theories without proof and most of these stories have been started by the Mirzais( Qadhyanis) who claim that the Jesus went to Kashmir and died there as many of the tribes of the lost sheep of Isreali were living. He even claimed that the tomb ( which is just opposite to...
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    My Visit to Pakistan

    Who are responsible for it. THE PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN. Who mostly are uneducated, and loyal to some three to four corrupt families ( Sharifs, Benazirs, Kwajas etc) to whom they bring back to power everytime. I thought we Kashmiris fighting Indian terrorism are in the worst state of affairs.
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    Hi, I've recently accepted Islam...

    Congratulation Walaikum Sallam Congratulations on becoming a muslim. May Allah reward you for accepting the only truth. Regarding advice, please be steadfast in your religion and even if you may see that many muslims like me dont follow Islam fully as you anticipated it doesnt mean islam...
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    Life of a sad one

    Well this happens with many people when they are young. One can make good friends any time. I too had a group (6)) of childhood friends from Nursery, and three of them still my best friends even though we dont live at one place. I too couldnt think of living without them when i was young. 3...
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    The 12 Shia Priests have the power of" 'Be,' and it is!" according to Shi'aism

    I prefer writting Rawafidh for them. Most of them are Kafirs.
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    This is a good suggestion and inshallah will work. I m ready
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    Salaam Alaykum

    Welcome brother and be in touch here.
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    New member here and Shahada tomorrow

    Welcome to TTI, Congratulations on becoming a muslim and tomorrow once you take shahada you will be free of all sins like a new born child. I pray to Allmighty Allah to help you in practising islam in the way Allah commanded us & Our beloved Prophet taught us and keep you safe from the...
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    Depression and Marriage

    Brother.... Sallam Alaikum, As one of my cousin also had an acute depression , but Alhamdullilah he is fine now and doing great. I suggest you start reading about islam, the Prophets life, recite quran, go closer to Allah. I suggest you start looking for a work, if you cant find work...