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    Who R U??

    ok salam ppl im layla im also known as lala lol erm im 14 yrs old im in london i was born muslim and im a funny person i like 2 read and write and learn new stuff and errrrmmmmmm what eles should i say oh yh and i love sami yusuf nasheeds songs what ever u wanna call it lol ws wr wb....x:)...
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    How Old Are You ?

    salamz im 14 going 2 be 15 this september my birthday was on the same day as ramadan last yr +
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    Can you have reptiles in Islam?

    but dogs are haram aint dey
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    Muslim Names Game

    layla cause its my name lol :hearts:
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    Umm Ayman, Barakah. One of the Greatest Women Ever!

    mashalllah what a wonderful women:hearts:
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    free 101 arabic lessons

    i dont understand the games :/
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    I Saw a Man From My People . . .

    that was so beautifuk thank so much for that:mashallah:
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    Asslam Alykom brother and sister.... I'm NEW

    salam salam brother im new to this site aswell we will get through it together lol :tti_sister: