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    Please becareful before you buy food.

    Asalamu alaikom I use to have this pork list before i buy any food and i want to share with you all. I live in Sweden and here they put most the fat of pork in almost every food even juice,and is not just Sweden .they use this almost every product because is sheep. Pork containing food...
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    Asalamu alaikom

    Salam everyone May Allah forgive all of us and give us jannah.I am new here. I had convert to Islam almost 5 years now and i try my best to be good muslim,Allhumdulillah. I would like to get more know leg about Islam.
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    Umm Ayman, Barakah. One of the Greatest Women Ever!

    Halal but is not Halal Asalamu alaikom I am living in Sweden. and all of Muslim we only can east halal food. I all way have a code the contain pork with me . yesterday i went to buy some food where they use ti have thing i need from Asia. I forget to tell that i am Thai- Muslim, any way bough...
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    salam salam

    islam is peace. Hi, I am living in Sweden. I believe Allah(God) will give the true about Islam and help you to understand more about Islam.I hope you happy with your marry. God bless you