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    Who was Mirza Ghulam?

    jazakallah for the info also try this website if you want to know more
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    jazakallah for all your help ive found one for 2100 pounds were the hotel is in azizya 20-30 mins travel free transport ticket food visa inclusive package from 9th nov to 29th nov group of 50/60 with guide
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    salaam brothers sisters inshallah planning to go hajj am in london uk there asking 4500 to 5000 pounds anyone can point me in the right direction jazakallah
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    i feel half dead!!!

    inshallah Allah swt make it easier for u
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    Dua Request for My Brain Tumor

    sister you are no1 on my dua list inshallah tonight:salah:
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    Zakir Naik postponed

    The IDCI Dawah Event 2010 with Dr Zakir Naik has been postponed! As you maybe aware of the recent Exclusion Order issued by the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, against Dr Zakir Naik. This Order has stopped Dr Zakir Naik from being able to travel to the U.K to deliver his planned talk at the...
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    The Story of Four Wives

    mashallah i really enjoyed this very true
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    Zakir naik visa banned in uk

    salaam brother sisters forget utube do something about it and protest jaza kallah follow this link
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    Zakir naik visa banned in uk

    link is dead try this Zakir Naik banned from UK. Mockery of Freedom of Expression. any problems copy and paste onto utube
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    mashallah i love this sheikh for the sake of Allah my favourite
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    help me plz! things to say to convert a kafir to islam

    salaam to all mashallah aapa alhum do lillah am married 39 years old and alhum do lillah 4 children aged 16 14 9 and 8 i think i might be a bit more experience than you aapa are you suggesting i marry again lol i forgive all now being experience in marriage i still would,nt oppose that question...
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    mashallah i love this brothers talk he speaks the truth
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    help me plz! things to say to convert a kafir to islam

    ayman1 the first quote that you have shown was,nt posted by me rather a copy of what aapa had written about her limitations your second quote with regards to possession you have put yourself into it coz of your stubbornness i was hoping for a Muslim jinn because some off the questions you...
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    help me plz! things to say to convert a kafir to islam

    Salaam sister i hope you are cured by Allahs will soon With the minority of jokers on this forum the only way to make them believe Is that there get possesed themselves and then there can interview jinns and ask all these questions one to one don,t worry about proving anything to them May...
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    help me plz! things to say to convert a kafir to islam

    for aapa Yes, there is proof in the Book and the Sunnah that jinn enter humans. In the Qur'aan, Allaah Almighty Says: Those who eat Riba (usury and interest) will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaytaan leading him to insanity...
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    help me plz! things to say to convert a kafir to islam

    aapa this is only what you should have written from day one I have to admit my knowledge is very limited.
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    help me plz! things to say to convert a kafir to islam

    Quranic proof Evidence for spirit-possession can be found in both the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. From the Qur’aan the most commonly quoted support for jinn-possession is the following verse: “Those who devour interest rise up like one stumbling from Satan’s touch.” Qur’aan, 2:275 Al-Qurtubee...
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    The Story of Prophet Hud

    jazakallah nice read
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    salama Alykum brother's and sister's we should all know this :D

    mashallah thanks for the info:ma:
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    help me plz! things to say to convert a kafir to islam

    Analysis of the Arguments From the aforementioned arguments, it may be concluded that those who deny the possibility of diabolical possession rely on only two sources – Qur’ânic texts and logic – while those who affirm it rely on three – Qur’ânic texts, texts from the Sunnah and logic...