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    Jazak Allah khairan. Beautiful post.
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    This is the Man (pbuh) they disrespect.

    :salam2: Agree with John, no reason to circulate these among muslims.
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    They didn't abandon it, why should we? (PICTURE HEAVY)

    :salam2: Subhanallah. Encouraging for us who sleep thru the fajr.
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    Shia Rafidhee Ayatollat Says Quran is not a Book of Guidance but a Book that leads to Imamat(Priesth

    :salam2: We know their akidah is messed up, we ignore to post these. This my humble opinion.
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    Richest Person in the world

    :salam2: Suhanallah, so true.
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    Emotional Dua by Samir al-Bashiri for Syria

    May. Allah accept his dua
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    Emotional Dua by Samir al-Bashiri for Syria

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    Did you know that the Jews have NEVER EVER fought directly?

    :salam2 This is disturbing. Please remember Muslims are in this state not because of some conspiracy, it is our own fault, and we get satisfaction by blaming Jews and christians.
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    I voted wheever I like meaning several times everyday
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    any truth to this liars statements?

    :salam2: :ma: This is the response we need. Thanks.
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    any truth to this liars statements?

    :salam2: Before we can say him a liar, we should investigate as he gave the references.
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    Losing my faith

    :salam2: Sorry to say, Science do explain how things happen, but can never say why happens. Sorry bro, I am a scientist, do not confuse science with absoute truth.
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    2 years today...

    Pp:salam2: Alcohol is ummul khabaith, that is essence of all evil. Quit it. Let us preserve ourselves, Allah will definitely offer better drink later insha Allah.
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    Hi Elizabeth, you are welcome. Be open minded, truth will come to God willing.
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    The Favourite Recitation Thread ! Listen, Watch and Post!

    :salam2: Jazak Allah khairan. All are so good.
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    Greetings everyone

    :salam2: Welcome. Are you president of... Sorry my keybord is messed up. I need to change it.
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    Greetings everyone

    :salam2: Wecome. Are president of.....?
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    Exposing The High Priests of Evolution Excerpt:100 Reasons Why Evolution is So Stupid

    :salam2: Looks like we are for a long debate. To me, since do not tell us why things happen. It tells us how happen, sometimes we conclude from observations which may not give complete facets of what really happens. Why then chromosomes oh monkey and human are...
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    Braids for men

    :salam2: As far I know, prophet SWS sometimes braided his hair, only a single braid on each side, front part only. Allah knows the best.
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    Short But Important Story and Strong Message To The Muslims

    :salam2: Jazak Allah khairan. :ma: