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    Story of Trade

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ALL PRAISES AND THANKS TO ALLAH, LORD OF THE WORLDS!! Story of Trade There lived a pious man all by himself, who spent most of his time in praying, fasting and praising Allah. Almost all his waking hours were utilised in meditation and devotions. He was very happy...
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    Questions & Answers on Innovations

    jazakallah alot of info... I appreciate you brother...
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    about SHare business

    It is halal.... It is halal if u listen to any surah in my phn while walking in the street.Contact islamic school for details....
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    Who Is Allowed To Give Or Answer Islamic Rulings (fatwa)

    I agree..... It is very important that every one should not say:It is is haraam.... Only a person with full command on Islamic jurisprudence sourses is allowed to give fatwa...... However we can share our knowledge if we are 100% sure.....and have asked a mufti about...
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    Pay attention

    ha haha very funny and interesting sister