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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    I will advice you to study philosophy of science, this will tell you limitations of science inshallah.
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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    Seriously you are a joke, you cannot even hold down to your arguments firmly.
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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    Some empirical aspects of evolution are falsifiable but hypothesis human descent from common ancestor i.e. a single cell can never be empirically proven. We only only have problem with this thing, this will alway remain as hypothesis. Btw, that guys is Phd in neuroscience, so I am sure he know...
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    In Search Of Logical Answers?

    As Salam Elekum, Br. Scotty, i would like your feedback on these articles.
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    Video Why American Girl Donelle who has a Masters in Divinity accept Islam?

    As Salam Elekum, If you are refering to me than Iam a brother. Ubaid means servant and it was also name of one of the Sahabah. Jazak Allah for you appreciation. Wa Salam
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    Video Why American Girl Donelle who has a Masters in Divinity accept Islam?
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    Video From Matthew to Salam

    From Matthew to Salman Story of ex-Christian in Pakistan(Urdu). He left Christianity after reading bible properly and researching on difference between protestant and Catholics. He also saw big contradiction in English and Urdu...
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    A conversation with a Jinn

    Jinns are very common in Pakistan specially in rural area. It is said they live in open area where humans dont spend much time.
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    What's your degree or education background?

    As Salam Elekum, Ahamadulillah, iam student of Electrical Engineering with majors in powers.
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    a revert telling her family... alhamdulillah!

    :salam2: Allahamdulliah sister good to see you as part Islamic family. Now key to your family is good behavior and manner. I not saying you were not in relation with them. But you need to prove to them that you have really changed positively. And most important ask Allah to you in this. May...
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    White Muslims

    :salam2: I was only speaking about people I have encoutered in my life uptill now. This my experience, this may not be generally true. I meant that i was like traditional Muslim, doing things that my parent taught me, without using my mind that why iam supposed to do this. I was made to...
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    I would like to revert

    As Salam Elekum, All praise to Allah. We are happy to see you in Islam. If you got questions then visit yusuf estes' site *!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!. They got seperate chat rooms for sister with password protection. They will alway asist you. They prefer non-muslim and muslim revert user to...
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    White Muslims

    As Salam Elekum Brother and Sister, I love and respect all the western black/white reverts. You guys inspired me to learn Islam. Previously i was just a so called "normal Muslim". I was just following my parents. But after learning real Islam Quran and Authentic Ahadiths, Alhamdulillah i...
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    12th rabbi ul awwal??

    :salam2: Iam from Pakistan as well. And i agree Bralvi and Sufis celebrate this. I think you have seen that Madni channel. If we try to correct them we labeled as Wahabis or Ahle Hadiths
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    12th rabbi ul awwal??

    Yes it is Biddah(innovation). We didn't dont have any example in Sahaba, Tabeen or Taba Tabeen life. Not even in weak or fabiracated Hadiths. Biddah is the thing which means you do something and you think it benificatory to do. For example if Fajr Salah you offer 4 raka Fardh instead 2, then it...