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    No one Mentions This Ayah?

    :salam2: How weak are we Muslims in faith.It saddens me ,we simply cannot follow the prophet blindly we will need to compulsory use our logic in it no matter what.Even if we get hadith we still try to use it when it fits our needs or else just ignore it simple as that. Every hadith and ayah...
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    Joseph Smith Vs. Mohammed (pbuh) !

    :salam2: When i see a situation in which i know i do not carry sufficient knowledge i stay quite.As it is the best option at that time.IF you try to refute without knowledge you will get into devil trap he will confuse you when they will refute you and you may not know when your on their...
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    Why do some ppl follow Qur'an and Sunnah and reject Hadith?

    :salam2: Watch this video sister will clear some of your doubts iGk2YoSGH_0
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    How Tough can marriage be?

    :salam2:As i mentioned it has nothing to do with religion.All society made up.Like a man gets mature after 27 which is completely illogic.And yes has nothing to do with Islam.Thats a random number which most asian parents throw to their children.
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    How Tough can marriage be?

    :salam2: Yes brother same culture .I guess you understand the subcontinent traditions.If only it had been for sexual desires which i believe brother its not.I am just following what my religion telling me to do.I am in no rush brother ,Allah controls our heart and put everything at suitable...
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    How Tough can marriage be?

    :salam2: My story started just short while ago and it has come to a complete halt.Met a religious committed sister and decided to marry her.She is 24 and i am 22.The age dint matter to me at all ,the reason behind it would be that If Allah hasn't commanded against it than there is no one on...
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    Ayah of the Day with Tafsir Dhul-Hijjah 27, 1432

    :salam2: JazakAllah for sharing brother.
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    What? Pork now available for sale in Qatar

    :salam2: If Alcohol is served freely don't expect pork cannot be legalized.
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    have you heard of this site'

    :salam2: As far as i my thinking goes ,they opened a new site and it dint recieve much traffic.Secondly the site doesn't have any security measures against spam which is what you are seeing.
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    Things that kick a peson out of islam?

    I took them from riyadh us saliheen which indicates they are from bukhari and Muslim ill inshAllah see in them and let you know the number if i come across them.
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    What are you reading?

    :salam2: PHP Advanced . :wasalam: If your into mysql and php than sure you do!
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    Why does Shar'iah focus on punishment rather than rehabilitation?

    :salam2: IF you think this is tough remember one Hadith of Prophet Muhammad IF someone needs a logical reason ,i on my side never accept any logical thinking as i tend to follow hadith and Quran no matter how hard it touches my heart or thinking but anyways ,as you may say lets forgive...
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    Things that kick a peson out of islam?

    :salam2: Sister there are 6 pillar of Iman .Believe in Allah,his Angels,Books,Prophets,day of judgement and good and bad in this world comes from Allah.IF a person denies a single of them he is no longer a Muslim.Denying Mary dint become pregnant is going against the Qur'an verse.Not accepting...
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    Things that kick a peson out of islam?

    Brother the book may be quite old but it does contain many things done today,it will also give an idea which things to keep away in this time of fitnah. Only the qazi has the right to say a person kafir that also under shariah law.
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    Funny Joke On Marriage!!!

    :salam2: Hahah nice one brother.
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    What are you reading?

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    How to say "I am a revert"

    :salam2: Borther i cant properly say the exact word as its not coming in my mind,ill soon inshAllah let you know if i come across it.Ana muslim jadeed(i am new muslim) seems fine or else saying Aslamtu Islam deena(accepted islam as my religion) or Aslamtu Islam(I have accepted Islam) are all...
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    When Umar(r.a) Was Put To Explanation

    IF we make our self strong in deen as this great caliph shaytan wont even think coming near to us. JazakAllah for sharing brother.
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    Things that kick a peson out of islam?

    :salam2: Brother there are 6 pillars of imam if any of them are missing person is no longer muslim. Believe in Allah,in his Angles,Books,Messengers,day of judgement and all Good and Bad comes from Allah.If someone denies any of the prophets hes no longer to be called Muslim and vice versia. Now...
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    Nice story

    :salam2: MashAllah indeed a nice story.JazakAllah for sharing brother.