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    Asalaamu alaikum

    Thank you - I had been active up until mid 2012 or so.
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    Asalaamu alaikum

    Asalaamu alaikum all... it has been a long time since I've been on here, and even longer since I've posted anything... just wanted to come and give you all a greeting. May ALLAH keep you all safe.
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    Annoying popup

    Is there a way to get rid of the annoying pop up over here <--- that scrolls up and down with the website? It has the FB "like" and the twitter "tweet" options....
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    Interfaith Dialogue

    Asalaamu alaikum - I am curious as to what Islam's stance is to interfaith dialogue. I know that some shayukh particularly here in the US have open celebrations etc with leaders from Christian and Jewish communities, and here in Sacramento this year one masjid even opened its doors to allow...
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    Speaking during the khutbah

    Asalaamu alaikum - It has been several months since I've been here, not that any of you missed me I am sure lol :) But I have a question, if you don't mind.... I am under the impression - by every shaykh I've asked, including Jamaal Zarabozo who wrote a book on the subject - that we are...
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    Muslims Praying in Street

    I have absolutely no idea what you mean. Do you? If you mean I resort to doing what is required in Islam then yes, I do. I am Muslim. And ladies & gentlemen, you can see why I stop coming to this website. None among you defend your brothers & sisters who have to pray in public.
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    Sacramento Christian congregation to celebrate Easter at Islamic Center

    They have Sufi sympathies. They celebrate "Eid al Mawlid" and their gender separation is really weak.
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    Sacramento Christian congregation to celebrate Easter at Islamic Center

    This really has me upset. So many people in Sacramento consider this the pinnacle masjid in Sacramento yet this is standard for them.
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    Muslims Praying in Street

    So you are saying that those who pray in the streets are doing it ONLY to make a spectacle of themselves? Wow. Our Prophet himself salallahu alayhi wa salaam told us in a hadith accounted sahih in Al Bukhari Allah made me victorious by awe, (by His frightening my enemies) for a...
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    Muslims Praying in Street

    Wa alaikum salaam Has it occurred to you that Western countries do not have masajid on every corner? I've had to pray on the streets many times. My brothers and I go to a movie, its time for maghrib when we come out, it takes 20 minutes to get to the closest masjid so we pray in the...
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    supporting hunger strikers

    Asalaamu alaikum My facebook is blowing up with people supporting Khader Adnan, a Palestinian imprisoned by Israel who is currently on a hunger strike. My question is this: should we support an act like this? Hunger strike = suicide which (last I heard) was haraam in Islam. Am I...
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    Yikes what did I do???

    I've tried to be a good example to him, but I've only been Muslim 3 years and am still learning myself. I will try to find him another place to live.
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    Yikes what did I do???

    Asalaamu alaikum - I've befriended a brother at the masjid who took shahadah about two and a half months ago. One of the other brothers who I've known and respected for a while sent me a text message about two weeks ago asking if I knew anyone who was looking to rent a room, as his roommate...
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    The shahadah

    Basically the point I am trying to get across is this: I see many reverts who take shahadah, live as a Muslim for a bit and then decide to go back to their old lives. Then, after a couple years, they take shahadah again because they think doing so again will wipe their sins away again. Its...
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    Is non alcoholic beer/wine halal ?

    Just for the record, orange juice straight from the oranges has 3% naturally occurring alcohol in it. True story.
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    The shahadah

    I was told that when a person takes shahadah the sins of their previous life were wiped away. Is this not true?
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    The shahadah

    Asalaamu alaikum I've been curious about a few things concerning the shahadah. I know nobody on this page is a shaykh but maybe we can discover a few answers together inshallah... First: If a child is born to Muslim parents and strays, say in his or her teens they are influenced by...
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    Have you seen something like this before?

    I'm wondering who took the photo...
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    A little help with my religion

    And don't forget to repent repent repent. Remember the story about Imam Ahmed and the baker.
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    Quick Question about Salaat during rain.

    Wa alaikum salaam. I asked the same question last year or so. We have a shaykh in our congregation named Jamal Zarabozo and when he gives the khutbah on rainy days he will combine asr with the Jumuah prayer. He said that the scholars "disagree" but there is precedent - he didn't say which...