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  1. kayleigh

    What's wrong with celebrating valentines day?!!

    Not gonna read the pdf, so maybe this is said in it, but Valentine's Day equates human relationships and emotions with material things, and even elevates those material things above our relationships. Plus, three of the staple gifts for Valentine's Day (chocolate, flowers, diamonds) usually...
  2. kayleigh

    Losing my faith

    I went through this same thing, and I don't really know what I believe in anymore, either. I can't explain anything or give you advice except to say that at least you're not alone. There's lots of people like you/me/us. I think before you ask about Islam, maybe you need to figure out...
  3. kayleigh

    How Not To Be Interviewed By CNN About The Holocaust

    I'm willing to believe that 6 million isn't the exact number, but something happened and whatever happened was horrible, inhumane, and inexcusable. HOWEVER, it's ridiculous that whatever happened back then should be used as justification for anything just as horrible now. Murder doesn't...
  4. kayleigh

    Muslim men guilty over gay leaflets

    If they're advocating or threatening violence, then they certainly should be arrested.
  5. kayleigh

    Scientists Temporarily Halting On Dangerous Bird Flu Strain.

    They're doing the research at my university, and I'm glad they halted it for now. It just seems like an incredibly bad idea.
  6. kayleigh

    Body piercing

    When I first read this, the first thing that came to mind was you getting your eyebrow/lip/tongue pierced haha. That was amusing. But funny this topic was revived, because I'm getting my septum pierced soon.
  7. kayleigh

    bismillah. A revert who needs some help.

    I don't think it's going to work. Situations like this almost never do. I get that you're attached and maybe you love her, but it most likely won't work. The same thing happens with born Muslims who start dating a non-Muslim guy/girl and then try to get them to revert once they become more...
  8. kayleigh

    What does Islam say about depression

    Totally agree with Shyhijabi. Anyone who says that it's just someone you get over has no idea what they're talking about. I used to be depressed and suicidal for years. You don't just "get over" that. I find that a lot of Muslims are really resistant to talking about mental health issues...
  9. kayleigh

    Evil Eye charms

    Charms like that are haram, to my knowledge. I agree with you - it is silly. Many cultures have the 'evil eye' concept but it's kind of funny that the Turkish version is so popular. Here, in Chinatowns, you can find evil eye charms and jewelry everywhere. Even in mainstream stores, they...
  10. kayleigh

    Disobeying Wives - Hear this.

    I can honestly say you are one the pettiest and most insulting person I've had the displeasure of coming across on this board. All of your posts are just extremely angry and usually involve your weird and inexplicable hatred of women. You have some sort of complex where you feel the need to...
  11. kayleigh

    Disobeying Wives - Hear this.

    Wow. You're single, aren't you?
  12. kayleigh

    Are Muslim women allowed to be businesswomen?

    There really isn't anything at all in Islam that prohibits it. Some may argue that women shouldn't do it if they're mixing with men, but you just said it would be in a women's environment... so there goes that argument. Many early Muslim women were merchants and business women, etc.
  13. kayleigh

    The changing Role of Women In UK

    Equal rights has nothing to do with men and women being identical, or asking women to "act like men."
  14. kayleigh

    The changing Role of Women In UK

    Women don't have equal rights anywhere.
  15. kayleigh

    Ebay's hate & discrimination policy

    So ebay screwed you over and now you want to kill Jews. lol okay. Because that makes sense.
  16. kayleigh

    Leaving the forum, dont want to

    The government can read your e-mails as well. Just saying. If you're saying anything that could get you detained then you better say it in person! lol I think you should still post here. You won't get arrested for posting on here. Just don't say anything you could get arrested for (you...
  17. kayleigh

    Hijab Stress...

    If you start wearing it on the first day of the semester, it's a lot easier than putting it on later. Your new classmates will accept you as-is, whereas if you put it on midway through the semester, they'll ask a lot more questions. I don't think you should worry about it.
  18. kayleigh

    friend passed away /viewing

    I've asked this question before and I'm pretty sure you can go, but you can't give blessings or pray on behalf of the deceased as they are not Muslim, or partake in any sort of religious ceremony. But a viewing wouldn't have that, so it would be okay.
  19. kayleigh

    Epic fail and total disaster at delivering khutbah, but somehow i feel relieved.

    Breathe deep, but don't hyperventilate! I just take slow, even breaths on the count of 5. 5 in and 5 out. I always take a moment to do it when I'm giving a speech. I mean, it's not going to work magic but I think it can help calm your nerves a little bit. Some people have a gift of...
  20. kayleigh

    Epic fail and total disaster at delivering khutbah, but somehow i feel relieved.

    I laughed. Sorry. Uhhh public speaking terrifies me but now I'm moderately okay at it after taking a speech class. I think the hardest part is not speaking really fast when you're nervous. Speech teachers always try to give you tips and tricks, like take deep breaths (it does help) and do...