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  1. sis khadidja

    Assad Forces writing "Ya Ali" on Bombs used on Sunni Muslim Areas in Syria

    salam...may allah help our brothers and sisters in Syria inshallah
  2. sis khadidja

    Wow!! Wolves~

    slam ..i love polar bears,dolphins and cats there so cute mashallah!!
  3. sis khadidja

    Where in London, Ontario can I find ladies fitness centers?

    salam sister..u should try good life fitness inshallah..i don't live in london but i live in Scarborough..inshallah all will go well for u sister :D
  4. sis khadidja

    The story of a soft hearted man

    :salam2: i liked the funny little story and what he said was right we should not be afraid :blackhijab:
  5. sis khadidja

    New 12 year old sister.

    :salam2: welcome sister to TTI hope you enjoy your stay:)
  6. sis khadidja

    Libya to NOW govern under Shariah Law!

    :salam2: :ma: i dont think america and the west will like libya anymore may allah bless all the libyan's incallah :tti_sister: islam never forced anyone into wearing specific clothing the qurans say's simply dress modestly that's all and cover up certain body parts and your head :blackhijab:
  7. sis khadidja

    Statistics that every Muslim should know

    :salam2:i pray for all my muslim brothers and sisters inchallah the will be free form the israil and all kafr inchallah may allah protect them amin!:tti_sister::tti_sister::blackhijab:
  8. sis khadidja

    Just for laughs

    :salam2: i like the first one more but the go to hell i heard there not many muslims there is a CLASSIC!!:blackhijab:
  9. sis khadidja

    Sabily - First ever customized OS for Muslims

    :salam2: i like it i think it's really cool!:blackhijab:
  10. sis khadidja

    Muslim Woman Forced to Covert to Hinduism

    :salam2: wow!!!!! i am shocked i never thought people could do such thing it's amazing forcing people to convert like that it's stupid i mean if they belive forcing people to accept hinduism is going to turn the peolpe in to devoted hindus and beating and all the other things she said that's...
  11. sis khadidja

    I am Roman Cathloic but wish to convert...

    :salam2: sister welcome to TTI.....:blackhijab: feel free to ask any questions all the great brothers and sisters and i of course will be very happy to help you
  12. sis khadidja

    new member

    :salam2::SMILY139: welcome sister hope u enjoy TTI! inchallah
  13. sis khadidja

    World's Best Airlines - Worst Airlines

    :salam2: wow the lists surprise me.. i didn't expect Singapore i traveled with their airline and the air hostess was quite rude to be honest so they don't strike me as being the best i like the emirates there quite nice and i love delta too!! why would they be on the worse list there great...
  14. sis khadidja

    It called me and said...

    :salam2: :ma: brother beautiful poem and pic is gorgeous too !!:blackhijab:
  15. sis khadidja

    Anyone from Toronto, ON??

    :salam2: inchallah sister i will contact you any chance i get... i am not Latino but i would love to meet this Algerian sister since i am traveling from Algeria and i speak a little Spanish inchallah i really want to meet up with the muslim community in Toronto:blackhijab:
  16. sis khadidja

    Anyone from Toronto, ON??

    :salam2: sis i am on my way over there i am going to Toronto inchallah this month so i hope to get involved with the Muslim community there maybe we might meet up you never know :blackhijab:
  17. sis khadidja

    Perfect Mashed Potatoes .

    :salam2: thanks guys! now i am hungry mash potatoes looks really good !!:blackhijab:
  18. sis khadidja

    Smile please :)

    :salam2: sis you got me smiling ! thank you very nice video:blackhijab: !!
  19. sis khadidja

    What do you eat for iftar?

    :salam2: we break our fast with water or dates then pray we eat shourba (soup) bourak (kind of like samosas just these are square) then some stew with bread that it all this talk of food is making me hungry salam have a nice dinner everyone!:blackhijab:
  20. sis khadidja

    Advice to Muslim Bride /Wife

    :salam2: great advice it needs a true beliver and an open mind to get what your saying:mashallah::hearts: