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    Sjeik Khalid Yassin

    Yesterday Sjeik Khalid Yassin was here on television and the what he said was really good. So here is the link to the program Salaam aleikum
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    uitzending gemist Sjeik Khalid Yassin

    Hier is de link naar de uitzending van gisteravond bij Tegenlicht. Ik vind het echt heel goed en hoop dat veel mensen het gezien hebben. Maar voor degene die de uitzending niet gezien hebben...,hier is het dan Salaam aleikum en een fijne...
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    Mini Creatures

    woops something went wrong. second try I think the pictures are to Iam sorry no second try
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    Mini Creatures

    here is more cuteness
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    what is your name? what does it mean?

    my arabic name A few weeks ago I picked my Arabic name: Annissa Iam very happy with it. A friend from me said it and I thought, Yes this the name for me!! salaam aleikum
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    Virtue of Wudu

    JazakAllah ghair for sharing. It is a good way to start your day. Salam, Annissa
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    what is your experience with islamophobia

    Here is it on the news, on the radio, at work, on the streets. It's everywhere. Especially now that we have the most Islamophope in the convernent, he wants that the Qu'ran to be forbidden in the Netherlands. Its really shocking. Sjeik Khalid Yassin was even shocked by the way mister Wilders...
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    the person beneath me game!!

    no, Iam a sister. but maybe the person beneath me is a brother
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    the person beneath me game!!

    Salam aleikum, it's nice to be back after a while. so I thought, lets start with a game. Well here it goes. example: I say: The person beneath me has a very goodnight sleep then the next person who post will answer me and say something new like: yes indeed, I slept very well The...
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    Shaytaan and fasting

    Where can I find this proof? why should saytan fast? He doesn't want to follow Allah, so why would he?
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    defend our prophet

    It's disgusting! I couldn't watch it for 5 sec.
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    Eid mubarak to everyone! :SMILY34:
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    My Dream About Hina

    Dear sister, Being chased by your old religion sounds familiar to me. Iam not sure but I think it's a way for your mind to let it go and to give it a rest. You made your discission, but sometimes emotionally it can be a bigger change then for the heart. (thinking with your heart, thinking...
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    Hello Everyone

    Salaam aleikum And welcome on this forum. Hopefully your family is in good health. Family can be hurt by our discissions and choises, but someday they will see that everything isn't changed. Iam so happy for you that you want to convert! It was the best choise in my live and I hope that...
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    A Cockroach crawled in to my pants while at Fajr prayer!

    I must say your story is the best, and you have a good emaan for staying on your place. But when I pray my cats want to cuddle and when I do Tashahud they give heads to my finger. It's so cute but I try to pray on. Salaam everyone and Eid mubarak
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    <<<<<Eid Mubarak!!!!!>>>>>>

    Eid Mubarak
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    how long are you on TTI

    I forgot to say that I am here for almost one year and I like it very much
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    By the way, who is that???????

    my dear sister, I get alot of emails from people on TTI who say are muslim, Christian or what ever. Well after one mail they ask for money. Now when I get an email that I don't trust I deleted them. It's very annoying. Salaam,
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    A Cockroach crawled in to my pants while at Fajr prayer!

    Salaam aleikum my brothers and sisters. Iam sorry I had to laugh so hard. But I understand this must be so embarresing. I'll make dua for everyone who lives in country's with scary big creatures:lol:
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    how long are you on TTI

    Salaam aleikum, Lately there are alot of new members and I was wondering how the statistics are now! Iam absoluty new a year two years three years longer than three years