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  1. lilisoo

    Here on TTI

    salaam alaykum wa rahmatu Allahu wa barakatuh here on TTI I learned .:jazaak: here on TTI i smiled . :) here on TTI i laughed .:lol: here on TTI i asked .:confused: here on TTI i answered .:SMILY47: here on TTI i knew .:ma: here on TTI i changed .:shake: here on TTI i cried .:SMILY23...
  2. lilisoo

    may be it is the worest but for me!!!!!!!!!!

    jazakom Allah khyran all for sharing may Allah reward you all with jannah and may Allah makes everyday for you is the best day:ma::ma::ma:
  3. lilisoo

    may be it is the worest but for me!!!!!!!!!!

    salaam alaikom brothers and sisters i want to talk about some gift Allah gave it to me which is i was born with defect in my heart but alhamdulillah for that it hurts alittle but i thank Allah for his gift i dont know why i am telling you that but i thought i could share my reward with you as...
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    a smart question over here

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow i turned into orange :jumpclap::jumpclap::jumpclap::jumpclap: :wavyarms::wavyarms::wavyarms::wavyarms: :laughing-dancing::laughing-dancing::laughing-dancing::laughing-dancing: this is awesome salaam alaikom by the way thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks
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    Drawing with nails

    salaam alaykom everybody very interesting photos check it out hope you like it and plz tell me what you think?
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    a smart question over here

    brother your name isn`t included any spcific reason:lol: by the way why you mentioned those specific names:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :salam2:
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    Did You Forget To Live?

    wa jazakom Allahu khyran kathiran well for me dunya is a big circle once you get in it you can`t stop going round and round and it has no end and you stop going round when you become unable to see or get whats happening around you and while we all know the big truth that no one is taking with...
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    a smart question over here

    :lol: you gotta be kiddin` me all these posts and yours still like mine oh thats makes me even more angry:tantrum1: any other recommendations to turn to orange :lol:??????????????????????
  9. lilisoo

    Did You Forget To Live?

    First i was dying to finish my high school and start college. And then i was dying to finish college and start working.Then i was dying to marry and have children. And then i was dying for my children to grow old enough. so i could go back to work But then i was dying to retire. and now i`m...
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    Improve Your Memory!

    salaam alaikom dear brothers and sisters i guess we need some funny stories just to feel a little better instead of being gloomy all the time sohere is a nice and funny story i wanted to share with you. Two elderly couples were enjoying friendly conversation when one of the men asked the...
  11. lilisoo

    a smart question over here

    wa 3lykum alsalaam well brother why they just give me the green color cuz i like it:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: anyway i guess i just have to write more and thanks for telling me.:muslim_child:
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  13. lilisoo

    a smart question over here

    :angryred::tantrum1:can you tell me please why there are user names in green and others in orange while mine is too small?:confused::(:SMILY23: no hard feelings ok!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    salaam 3lykum مقارنة بين ما فعله النازيون باليهود وما يفعله اليهود بنا The Zionists in Israel are doing to the Palestinians exactly (if not more than) what was done to their parents by Nazi Germany BUILDING WALLS & FENCES TO KEEP PEOPLE IN PRISONS...
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    The Fortress Of The Muslim in many languages

    this link inshAllah will show you how to protect yourself by azkar from Quran and Sunnah may Allah protect you all salaam 3lykum
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    salaam 3lykum everybody

    are patroit songs haraam? i mean it has music and what i know that music haraam but is this like inshaad or something which makes it acceptable and it is for the lovr of your country or any other country. jazakum Allahu khyran
  17. lilisoo

    how the world started?

    jazakum Allahu khyran 'aoudo bellahi mina ashaytani arajim' amantu billah wa birasulAllah .may Allah forgive me and believe me i am fighting shayton all the time and inshallah he wont be ale to defeat me jazakum Allahu khyran brothers and sisters for answering my qestion may Allah protect us...
  18. lilisoo

    how the world started?

    why i just cant stop thinking about how th world started. you know what i mean like Allah created us all but who creat*****? pardon me my friends i know its weswas but i cant help it i hate these thoughts when it invade my head but i am trying alzekr and always try to get closer to Allah by...
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    plz remove those pic how can you do this to us brother that is awful . how can you show us these pic akhi we have hearts that bleed for whts happening and these pics wont let even be able to sleep i have my little sister she is 7 years old how can you make hr see these photos plz respect our...
  20. lilisoo

    i wish we could unite

    thats why we are grateful to our religion wa 3lykum asalaam we are proud of all of you and may Allah help you all tyo the right directon :shymuslima1: