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  1. Yousuf.

    Question about Graves

    so there is a hadith regarding it... jazakaAllah akhi..
  2. Yousuf.

    Question about Graves

    :salam2: nope brother.
  3. Yousuf.

    Question about Graves

    :salam2: JazakaAllah akhi. For Masjid AN-Nabawi, i understand it is very allright as initially, the grave of our Rasullullah was in his house near the compound of the masjid untill the masjid was expanded such that it covers the house of Rasullullah. So as for my qn, i doubt the Muslims...
  4. Yousuf.

    Question about Graves

    :salam2: Brothers and Sisters The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wassallam) said, "...Beware of those who preceded you and used to take the graves of their Prophets and righteous men as places of worship, but you must not take graves as mosques; I forbid you to do that." (Muslim) The question...
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    :salam2: masyaAllah wish i could go. sadly, im like thousands and thousands of kilometers away. hope the lectures will be recorded and uploaded on youtube or somewhere....
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    nice recitation by a young brother.

    Jpmr3U1yc2w :salam2: Qur'an recitation at a competition. SubhanaAllah. Young, excellent memory with a beautiful voice. Anws, any idea what surah and verse is he reciting from (for the first part)? I know, the second part is Surah Maryam, Verse 22 onwards.
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    :salam2: thanks brothers for shedding light to my qn. really appreciate it clearing my doubts. :)
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    :salam2: Brothes and Sisters. I have a qn, how do we perform the sujud tilawah, or the prostration when you come across certain Ayats in the Qur'an, eg Surah Sajadah, when ure sitting down and reciting? and what do we have to read or recite when we are performing the prostration? jazakaAllah.
  9. Yousuf.

    ''The Message'' - A Film on Muhammad (SAW) - Set For Remake

    :salam2: Akhi, i did not know that the Prophet (Sallahualaiwassalam) teaches us to make bombs and take away innocent lives.
  10. Yousuf.

    wudu,Prayer and Errors (Print and Pass it)..

    :salam2: masyaALLAH akhi, thanks for this but does it have any English translated version? :salam2:
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    Just curious...

    :salam2: thanks brothers for the replies... firstly, if it is a tradition of our Prophet (sallahu alai hi wasallam), i mean is it authentic? secondly, brother shichemlydia, i think ure referring to this verse 17 in Surah AL-Kahf, "...Such are among the Signs of Allah: he whom Allah guides; but...
  12. Yousuf.

    Just curious...

    :salam2: I have a qn. mai yahdihi Alahu fala modila lah wa man yudlel fala hadiya la "Whom so ever ALLAH guides, there is non to guide. Whom so ever ALLAH misguides, there is non to guide" wa sharu alo’omori mohdathatuha wa kula muhdathaen bida’a wa kula bida’atin dalala wa kula dalalatin...
  13. Yousuf.

    Let Us Erase Our Sins.....

    :salam2: Thank you for this great post. :)
  14. Yousuf.

    The State of the Ummah: Saleem Ibn ‘Eid Al-Hilaalee

    :salam2: InsyaAllah, may Allah brings us closer to the sunnahs of our Prophet (peace to be upon him) and may He, "gives glad tidings to us". Ameen.
  15. Yousuf.

    Isreal's Obsession

    :salam2: This is really sad. More of our brothers and sisters will perish. Islam will face greater hardships. Muslims will face trials greater than what they can bear. May Allah(SWT) help us, and give us strength and onto victory. Ameen.
  16. Yousuf.

    Basic Arabic Vocabulary

    :salam2: Thanks akhi! Looking forward for more! :)
  17. Yousuf.

    Just finished the Koran (1st time!)

    :salam2: Hello Sister. Firstly I would like to congratulate u on the completion of reciting (khatam) the Qur'an. Alhamdulillah. Not many in this world are not able to do so. So Alhamdulillah. IN Islam, we must adhere to the teachings of both the Qur'an and the Sunnah, the Ahadith. So certain...
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    Salam Friends!

    :salam2: Welcome Sis. May u benefit from this forum. Its like a family here. A super-extended family! Eid Mubarak to you too! :SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206:
  19. Yousuf.

    is it eid?

    Well Sis, think you can ask your local imam? Or any Muslims living in your area? Or maybe someone, from TTI who lives in England can help? Well i tried to Google and i found this website Don't know if it is of any use to you. Sorry Sis.
  20. Yousuf.

    is it eid?

    :salam2: Sis Well it depends on the sighting of the new moon. So it varies from places to places. :)