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  1. aless

    volunteers!! a chance to help with a dawah project

    assalamu alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu jazakum Allahu khayran may Allah reward you in goodness for you efforts if anybody comes across anyone who could help pls let them know about the blog or PM me :-)
  2. aless

    volunteers!! a chance to help with a dawah project

    Assalamu alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear brothers and sisters who read this message, i pray you are all well I am doing a dawah project with a small group of international sisters, I posted about it on the forum already in the past alhamdulillah this is the website of the...
  3. aless

    the new muslim survey

    assalamu alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh has anybody had a look at the blog? what did u think? what about the survey? did you do it? the survey is built so that you can give answers that are rooted on islamic knowledge, the Quran, the sunnah and islamic history.... this is because...
  4. aless

    the new muslim survey IN ITALIANO

    assalamu alaykom cari fratelli e sorelle per favore date un'occhiata a questo progetto ambizioso insha'Allah partecipate se potete e divulgate jazakum Allahu khayr ------- La New Muslim Survey Le librerie e le università sono piene di testi scritti da autori non musulmani che hanno...
  5. aless

    the new muslim survey

    assalamu alaykom dear brothers and sisters please take a look at this ambitious dawah project jazakum Allauh khayr ------- THE NEW MUSLIM SURVEY Bookstores and universities are replet with the works of non muslims authors who have written extensively about new muslims and their...
  6. aless

    Need someone with good knowledge of Islam

    :salam2: i apologise in advance for my stupid comments, usually atheists are angry at the fact that religious people believe that the atheist will go to hell, they don't understand why a loving entity would do something like inflict a punishment (in this case of eternal fire). In my...
  7. aless

    inheritance in islaam

    :salam2: jazakallah khayr
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    :salam2: al-hamdulillah :tti_sister:
  9. aless

    Finally, I reverted to Islam

    :salam2: congrats may Allah bless you sis :hearts: alhamdulillah
  10. aless

    story of how Abu Hanifa's parents met

    :salam2: in what book can I find the story of how Abu Hanifa’s parents met? From what I know his dad married his mum thinking she was blind? I need a reliable source!
  11. aless

    what's happening in Pakistan?!?

    what you mean
  12. aless

    what's happening in Pakistan?!?

    :salam2: Why these acts? I dont understand :SMILY309:
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    thank you ma salaam
  14. aless

    A Former Jehovah's Witness

    welcome!! assalamu alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh dear sister jazakiAllahu khairan for sharing your story! beautiful!! i almost cried!!:ma: welcome to the site I am a revert as well 1 year and few months :hearts::hearts: alhamdulillah
  15. aless

    ***Arabic for Beginners and Tajweed Rules for Reverts***

    :ma: i read some of the arabic bit by bit and it makes it really easy jazakAllahu khayran i will pass on insha'Allah :salam2:
  16. aless

    im so glad xmas is over

    I felt like that last year, i actually was practicing little during xmas bcos i had just 'reverted' and didn't manage to deal with everything! subhanAllah I was so lost!! this year was much better for me, my family didn't even say merry xmas to me!! insha'Allah next year will be better, keep up...
  17. aless

    I'm so dim lol

    :salam2: they gave me this link... maybe could be useful??? :shymuslima1:
  18. aless

    Agree or ???

    subhanAllah i was the same, always a 'social activist'.... studied politics and IR very passionately for years and here I am alhamdulillah no career!! :lol: Islam changed my life as well COMPLETELY!! :ma: but :ma: I study for the sake of Allah and that makes me happy and would like to...
  19. aless

    Agree or ???

    :salam2: there's always need of female doctors, dentists, opticians, teachers, nurses for women I wish you every success inshaAllah
  20. aless

    baby birth!!

    :salam2: mabrook!!!!:ma: ameen to all the du'as from above I like Alesha = Protected by God and also i like Asma Umaymah Ummayyah