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    Assalam Allaykum brothers and sisters I have a question. What if you sold somebody a soccer jersey, and it had a cross on it. Then you wanted to donate that money in Sadaqah. But you asked the person if they were going to take off the cross, but they said no. Would that money be haram or what...
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    Children (in Islam)!!

    :salam2: Masha'Allah beautiful video of compilation of ahadith about Children. :ma: TSWM_jljBv8 :wasalam: :tti_sister:
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    Why we LOVE Hijab Campaign!!

    :salam2: Why Muslim women wear Hijab (head and body covering) is very much misunderstood. Many of us hold different opinions about the Hijab. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate if you can spare 10 mintues of your life and listen to what we "Muslim women" have to say about the Hijab...
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    You Can Help Close Guantanamo Prison!

    :salam2: Dear Friends, I thought you would like to know about this new campaign to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, where President Bush is holding nearly 400 detainees without criminal charges or trials. For the first time, some of his top advisors have called for closing this...
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    ~Afasy in America Videos!!~

    :salam2: As some of you might know Sheikh Afasy came to the U.S He came to LA and there are some videos of him there posted on youtube. He also stopped by Detroit, and Alhamdulilah a brother from youtube also uploaded some videos, many videos of him there. I will share them with you...
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    About Muhammad (SAW) Campaign!!!

    :salam2: Here is nother campaign on youtube masha'Allah. Brothers and sisters are making informational videos about the Prophet SAW, accurate details about his life, his character, etc. Was started by a brother named Nosherwan. Here is his video: F5HTudpZFfA Other Videos: Footsteps...
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    Qari Numani ( He Can imatate 70+ Qaris!!)

    Qari Saad Nomani ( HE CAN IMATATE 70+ QARIS!!) :salam2: For more info: SubhanAllah!! Here he is imatating Sheikh Sudais and Sheikh Shuraim :SMILY252: : 8CreBc1_T8s :ma: :ma: :ma: :wasalam:
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    Why I Love Islam Campaign (YOUTUBE)

    :salam2: As there are no other topics on this, I thought I would start one. Over at youtube Muslim brothers and sisters are making videos on why they love Islam. Basically it is for Dawah purposes. So Non Muslims can gain some understanding on Islam and Muslims. SubhanAllah there are soooo...
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    Make Dua For All! (in school)

    :salam2: insha'Allah make some dua for those who are in school, and taking exams... and mid-terms! Including me! :shymuslima1: Insha'Allah we all surivive our studies! Make dua for me (for us all), I will keep you all in my duas as well. Wa'alaykum Asalaam!
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    How To Make Dua (good video)

    :salam2: I know I have posted this before, but this is a short video kind of giving you example duas that a person can make. For example how to start dua, dua for increase in knowledge, etc. Ends of with Dua Qunoot. Qunoot if I am correct you can say it in Witr prayer and sometimes Fajr...
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    Descriptions of Paradise!!

    :salam2: Description of Paradise In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful by Imaam Ibn al-Qayyim, Rahimahullaah Ibn al-Qayyim said, in regards to the description of the Paradise and the delights that it contains: "And if you ask about its ground and its...
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    Al Kahf-Beautiful Recitation

    :salam2: A beautiful recitation by a young man. :ma: FYNgGyUV0Ko :ma: :wasalam:
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    Beautiful Duas With Translation!! :)

    :salam2: Here is a video of duas with translation. I would say some very important duas. Insha'Allah I hope you find some benefit in it. :shymuslima1: dGaB72qWrn8 :ma: :ma: :wasalam: --Sis Ilmseeker :tti_sister:
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    Sheikh Bilal Assad--(Various Surahs)

    :salam2: Here are three videos of the sheikh reciting. :) Surah Maryam (in person): 1t5Km0un-SY Surah An-Naba (in person) Tm2lA0-SEkQ Surah Al Ikhlas & An-Nas aQs0qpoFkIk :ma: :wasalam:
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    Favorite Recitors Videos!! (from youtube)

    :salam2: There is this thing going on at youtube. Brothers and sisters are posting videos they made of their favorite Quran recitors. Masha'Allah they have some really good videos. Insha'Allah I will post here and share with you all. I will make it three videos to a page, and if there are...
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    Wake Up Muslims!!

    :salam2: Part 1: wThUo0FaSqM Part 2: 6KV_9VHZsac Ya Allah! :tti_sister: :wasalam:
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    Fahd Al Kanderi--Dua in Desert

    :salam2: Fahd Al Kanderi making dua in the desert!! :p Would appreciate it if anyone could translate word for word. :) Understand most of it, but not the whole dua. :( sMPjmbGN0Yg :ma: :wasalam:
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    Surah Kafiroon -Qari Habibullah Belali

    :salam2: Surah Kafiroon -Qari Habibullah Belali. :ma: LKpAsERPo1g :ma: :wasalam:
  19. ilmseeker

    Fahd Salam-Al Furqan (masha'Allah)

    :salam2: This is Fahd Salaam reciting ayah 61-77 of Surah Al Furqan. :ma: A3x6DgAEBHg :ma: :wasalam:
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    AbuBakr AsShatery-As Saffat

    :salam2: Part 1: D0IOh9h2Vtg Part 2: kEhuuDAtBqg Part 3: _b6rwJEM0HI :wasalam: --Sis Ilmseeker :tti_sister: