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  1. Abd_Al_Hadi

    The Prohibition of Spying
  2. Abd_Al_Hadi

    Is it Haram to be FAT?

    Ibn Umar narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "The believer eats in one stomach whilst the kaafir eats in seven. Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5081) and Muslim (2060).
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    Selfish Westernized Syrian Women Care Only About Their Voice in Syrian Politics

    Disgusting. As people are dying, there's a group of sick sick women who are willing to prolong the causalities and delay any sort of intervention just as long as they get what they want. These "female dogs" have absolutely no consideration. Do they not know that their idiotic action is...
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    Poverty in Saudi Arabia The #1 exporter of oil has almost 1/4 of its population suffering from poverty. I used to think they're all rich over there!
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    Exposing HIV positive Muslims

    :salam2: I know its wrong to expose fellow Muslims, however, if you know a Muslim man has a dangerous and contagious disease, should you warn others about him? Is there a fatwa on such scenario? A man from the neighborhood has his wife back home in Yemen. He recently passed AIDS to her...
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    Shaitaan vs. Iblis

    :salam2: Do we all know the difference between Shaitaan and Iblis?
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    Ground Zero: Syria - Assad's Child Victims

    Syria Crisis: Horrific Scenes In Al Qusayr Field Hospital (VIDEO) (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) "The army of Assad. You see this child? They are a terrorist [sic]?" Dr. Qasim points at a young girl lying on a stretcher...
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    Bosnian Walks to Hajj

    SARAJEVO: A Bosnian pilgrim who left last December on pilgrimage to Makkah by foot said on Monday that he has arrived after passing through seven countries including war-torn Syria. “I arrived on Saturday in Makkah. I am not tired, these are the best days of my life,” Senad Hadzic, 47, said...
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    Don't Forget to Fast this Thursday

    The ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah (the 12th and final month of the Islamic calendar) is the Day of 'Arafah, which is this Thursday, InshaAllah. It is the day when pilgrims stand on the plain of 'Arafah to pray. On this day, Muslims all over the world who do not witness the annual Hajj should spend...
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    Alex Jones fans

    There are many Muslims who enjoy listening to this man. Just because he talks bad about the west, does not mean he's pro-Islam. Here's proof of him supporting Israel: I've never heard him accuse Israel of anything. He ultimately...
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    Global Effort Towards Khilafah MashaAllah! My brothers of Hizb ut Tahrir have my full support! Lets strengthen this movement that pleases Allah and dignifies our Imaan!!!! Please pass this around
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    قصيدة يلعن روحك يا حافظ
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    Medical Challenge

    I have always been intrigued with medicine. I wish I had chosen to be a doctor. Don't you? Well lets have this opportunity to play a game where we can also gain medical knowledge so we can feel like doctors :) Winner gets a TTI MD degree! Rules: 1. You can pick any disease or medical...
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    Syrian Regime using Banned Bombs (New York) – Newevidence has emerged that the Syrian air force has used cluster munitions in recent days, Human Rights Watch said today. Many of the strikes were near the main highway that runs through Ma`arat al-Nu`man, the...
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    TTI Conversation Etiquette--Do's and Don'ts

    :salam2: I, along with many brothers and sisters here, have lost manners on this website. I am certain that none of us speak the way we do in person as we do on here. I have never used any derogatory words with anyone in person, but yet shaytaan somehow tricks me to think its alright to...
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    Khaleej once again prove to be puppets Shame on these cowards. Afraid of the United States? And they call themselves the descendants of the prophet....
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    Coptic Christians Urinating on Quran

    If this is true,they truly deserve the death penalty!
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    Iran Collapses overnight? Inshallah! Iran's currency drops and Iranians are filling the streets and protesting against their wicked leaders. May Allah finally put an end to the Iranian Gov't and give the Iranian people the...
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    How do Syrian's live?

    This is how Syrians live.
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    "We are the Daughters of the Ummah of Mohamad"

    Muslim sister in Syria asking "Where are the Muslims of the Ummah?" She's asking the brothers all around the Muslim world to not listen to their corrupt leaders who are in fact FRIENDS OF BASHAR ASSAD. Yes, those kings and princes and every other politician is as corrupt as Bashar, and of of...