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  1. Sister S

    Help with Uncle

    :salam2: I was praying my quran today and my uncle walked in, he picked up my english translation and said "who's Marmaduke Pickthall?". He said you shouldn't just pick an english translation of the quran and follow it, I agreed with him. But it's been a while since I had the translation...
  2. Sister S

    Dua when finished reciting Quran

    :salam2: I was just wondering if there's a certain dua that you recite when you have finished praying the whole of the Quran? If there is can someone please post it here. Jazakh Allah for your help.
  3. Sister S

    Need help finding a thread

    :salam2: A couple of weeks or months ago there was a thread about praying quran for the dead. I've tried looking for it but i can't seem to find it. I really need this to show someone. If anyone can find the link, I will be very grateful. Jazakh Allah
  4. Sister S

    Salat ul Hajat

    :salam2: I was just wondering if anyone knew of any authentic ahadiths or quranic ayats regarding salat ul hajat? Jazakh Allah for your help.
  5. Sister S

    World Cup Cricket

    :salam2: Brothers and Sisters, i though it would be iinteresting in finding out if you're watching any of the Cricket matches. which team do you support? and who do you think will win?
  6. Sister S

    Sisters smoking

    :salam2: Whenever me and my 2 sisters are together and we have to go out somewhere in the car. Half an hour later they will start smoking and every half hour they have a cigarette. i personally hate being around people who smoke. when we're in the car they have the windows open but it still...
  7. Sister S

    How should a wife get her husband to pray his Salaah?

    :salam2: how should a wife who prays her Salaah get her husband, who does not pray, to pray his Salaah? what could she do or say to help him? :jazaak: to anyone who helps. :blackhijab: :wasalam: