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    My life: A long story cut short.

    may ALLAH bless u...and give a happiness...with ur marriage..Insyaallah!
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    Remember Just Remember

    syukran.very nice poem..
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    help me

    SALAM..dear brother and sister here do help me..what should i answer if someone said"*!*!*!*! OFF MUSLIM U ALL TERRORIST B******".. Syukran for the answer.
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    hope we will be a good muslim and take care our parents till their last breath!
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    Suffering from depression and lonliness

    Sister,dont be sad..our bestfriend in this world is ALLAH..Wherever we are watever our situation,jus keep ALLAH in our heart..only ALLAH gives us a peace and HIS love is forever!
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    Did you get a bill from Allah?

    Masyaallah..thanks ALLAH for everythings He gives us..we cant repay HIM forever.Hope we all be a good and thankful muslim!
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    this is a test from ALLAH,HE loves us and want us to remember HIM..dat i hope u be strong and ALLAH wil help you to face all this..
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    How to perform Tahajjud Prayer ?

    may ALLAH reward us JANNNAH if we can perform tahajjud prayer..we can do our witr after isya or before bedtime..once we perform our tahjjud..insyaallah we want to do that again and again..ALLAH will give us a peace and we will miss HIM...INSHAALLLAH
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    Pray like its your last!

    so scary.i cnt imagine how we feel in the regret we are with our pastlife..come on we still have a chance to do our best for the life in hereafter..
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    remember to fast monday and thursday

    so nice if we can follow this is wonderful if we be a good muslim..always pray to ALLAH..hop HE will guide us forever.
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    Roadmap To Paradise

    it's so hard to go to jannah..we have to struggle for that.hope Allah will help us..
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    Video SALAM

    maybe you mean someone who disobey ALLAH..or someone who mislead from our religion!
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    Check out this online Quran link please

    Those are the best reciters..I also love listening these two reciters..Ziyad Patel and Sheikh Luhaidan..
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    I Know You Will Respond...

    masyaallah!sometimes we forgot to say THANK YOU ALLAH for HIS kindness...even a glass of plain water!please forgive us ALLAH!!
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    COuld this be true???

    dont trust this..maybe it's from our enemy to mislead us..
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    women travelling alone

    A good reminder for us sisters..Sometimes we dont care about this!
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    Suraj Mulk by Nasir bin Ali Al Qetami

    Masyaallah!beautiful recitation.If we read this powerful Surah before going bed,Insyaallah it will protect us from the punishment of the grave.So let us read it every night.Hop Allah wil bless us!
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    true..i is haraam.It's better if we zikr before we close our eyes.
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    Masyaallah..that's right.We had waste so many things in our life.. Syukran JazakAllah Khair for sharing this.
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    I Want To Share

    ALLAH gives us everything...even a glass of plain water..that's ni'mat from ALLAH.ALHAMDULILLAH O ALLAH for giving us everything.