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  1. justname

    How to pray?

    Hello! If i'd turn to Islam, I don't know how to pray. Can you help me?
  2. justname

    Question: Some questions from a Christian

    Hello! As you see, I'm Christian but my conceptions about life and surrounding world are similar with Islam, I mean I want world peace, I like to love each human, regardless of his skin colour, nationality and I like to obey to God. But I want to ask you something: 1. Many people say that...
  3. justname

    Article 10 Misconceptions About Islam

    I posted this tread to help pepole to Discover Islam and I ask a moderator to pin it because it's important and useful. Thanks! 1. All Muslims are Arabs The common image of a Muslim is a turbaned dark Arab man with a long beard. However this image is part of the minority of Muslims. Arabs make...
  4. justname

    Question: Waiting for your opinion

    Hello brothers and sisters! I'm not converted to islam(unfortunately) because of my parents. They think i will be bad and things like that. I really like Islam (traditions,beliefs) but I can't convert :( What should I do?
  5. justname

    Can you help me to find this nasheed?

    Hi, what's the name of nasheed from here: . Is starts at 0:11 Shukran!
  6. justname

    As salamu alaykum!

    Hi everyone! I'm not a muslim but i like this religion and if Allah want, maybe i will convert to islam. I like this culture and religion. It's difficult to me to learn Arabic , could someone help me?