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  1. MohammedQ

    Arabic Alphabet

    Arabic alphabet is difficult to learn that is why you need a good instructor and a course that is effective and easy to follow without the need to memorize all the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet, that is why I am providing My Arabic alphabet course for free for anyone who wants to learn...
  2. MohammedQ

    Arabic alphabet Made Easy

    I like to talk a little bit about a book, called Arabic reading and writing made easy by Dr. Bilal Philipps. It is a book that I used while studying the Arabic alphabet at university. And it was very good but the book by itself isn't enough you need to actually have a video instructor or live...
  3. MohammedQ

    Arabic Alphabet Online Free

    Today I will be discussing about the importance of learning the Arabic alphabet for a Muslim. But before I get into that I would like to discuss a Important issue that the Muslims are facing in the modern day. We find us Muslims suffering across the world, On a personal level as well as a ummah...
  4. MohammedQ

    Islamic Misconception Clarified : Terrorism Is NOT Allowed

    Salam Alakium, this is a written form of session one of the course and program entitled Islamic Misconception Clarfied presented at Madinah Institute. This course will be open and free and all those who want to join and online presented via prerecorded videos. I spent years debating online with...
  5. MohammedQ

    Arabic Alphabet Course Limited Time

    The Arabic alphabet is difficult to learn that is why it is important to have a good Arabic alphabet teacher to teach you the Arabic alphabet in a way that will not let the student give up early on; so they can continue to pursue learning the Arabic alphabet. Many students resort to live lessons...
  6. MohammedQ

    Islamic Misconceptions Clarified

    The following is a text form of the Presentation of my course and program entitled Islamic Misconceptions Clarified, you may use this and post this In The name of Allah the most merciful especially merciful. I welcome you to the third session of our series of Islamic misconceptions clarified...