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    I love them! I am owned by three :D:muslim_child:
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    Salaam/ Hello.

    I used to use this forum 2 years ago, stopped and now I'm back. :)
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    Where is the proof that women must cover their heads?

    Assalamu Alaikum everyone, I am a sister in Islam, who only a few months ago started wearing Hijab. Alot of people tend to ask why is this nessary, where is the proof that this needs to be done. I believe that women ought to practise Hijab...(and men also) I came across this article which...
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    Islamic TV

    :salam2: Just wanted to post this site that is an Islamic Channel from the island of Trinidad in the has some really interesting stuff going on all Islamic of course....its like 24/ has numerous lectures on all the time, children's shows, shows for women etc. Hope...
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    :salam2: I am trying to figure out if Muslims are allowed to eat Kosher foods? I did some research and people seem divided on the issue. Comments anyone? Thanks :wasalam:
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    How I left the Mormon speechless

    :salam2: So I usually go and chat to Christians online and basically discuss stuff in their Bible and so on sorta like comparative religion. So the Mormon asks why I didn't believe that God has a son. I said "It is not befitting the Majesty of God to have a son. Surely...He says be and it is...
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    Anxiety and Nervousness

    :salam2: So I suffer with some sort of anxiety and nervousness Know any Duas that can help?
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    Attacks by Shaitan

    :salam2: So recently I decided to change my life around....I began wearing hijab, praying most prayers.....and now the shaitan is attacking me sooo very badly with awful thoughts I am in constant worry that I will be led astray How do i fight the shaitan off?
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    Hey everyone I'm new Jus wanted to say salaam